Octagon Sports Organizational Structure Research Paper

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This is where the Octagon falls, alongside IMG and others. Third, is the sports services, which involves organizations offering sports as their end products. This segment is again further divided into three facets including the Event that involves organizations generating their revenues, either indirectly or directly from spectators (Staffa, Lewis, Braham & Griffins 2011). Here, the athletes are professional, and examples of such entities encompass teams and leagues. Second, are participants involving entities that provide opportunities for individuals to engage or involve in sporting activities. Finally, Job, Woods and Howard (2008) affirms that the hybrid aspect ensures the provision of a mixed organization of events and participants including government agencies. Here is a schematic showing the structure of the football industry. (See Figure 2)

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An alternative view of the football industry divides the structure into producer market, consumer market, and intermediate market (industrial and resale). According to this viewpoint, the football fans are the consumer market, holding a direct commercial relation through the box office or producer market mechanization represented by the football associations (Hoffer, Hunt & Collins, 2009). As well, this market consumes from the intermediate industrial market (sports marketing companies) and the intermediate resale market (including TV and licensed companies). Finally, the intermediate industrial market and the intermediate resale market interact with the producer market via marketing of operations and selling of broadcast rights, respectively. Hoffer, Hunt and Collins (2009) assert that the producer market organization follows a global hierarchy, whereby The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) is the highest authority in football and beneath it comes the federations, which are accountable for football activities within their respective continents as in the case of UEFA (union of European football associations) and the south-American football confederation (CONMEBOL). Below the hierarchy is the national federation and confederations such as the Brazilian football confederation (CBF), the state federations, and sports leagues.

Research Paper on Octagon Sports Organizational Structure Assignment

In England, there is also an endeavor to organize the consumer market- the football fans into (i) local fans, who physically attend the matches at the stadiums within their regions, (ii) virtual fans, who do not attend the matches at the stadium, (iii) followers, who follow the team to different regions, (iv) family supporters, who attend the matches at the stadium with another family member, and (v) corporate supporters who attend the matches at the stadium and necessitate special treatment at VIP areas and the cabins.

The sports management and marketing agencies execute a vast scope of responsibilities such as client representation and management (Job, Woods & Howard, 2008). Here, the agency involves in representing the client during contract negotiations and marketing decisions formulation in order to manage the potential client income and earnings. These contract negotiations could be between the player and his/her team, licensee, and licensor, or endorser and product. According to Job, Woods and Howard (2008), the management function encompasses the agency in the strategic planning process for the organizations clients who may involve in financial planning processes investments, marketing, management, personal appearances, as well as other revenue productions and management forms (Staffa, Lewis, Braham & Griffins, 2011). In organization's client marketing and product endorsement, the aspect of client marketing may involve the agency in the total marketing and promotion of the client (Job, Woods & Howard, 2008). In the aspect of event creation and development, the development of new satellite technologies such as direct TV transmission has resulted into fiscal rewarding opportunities that aid further creation of sports and new events.

The event management and marketing involves high costs of personnel (such as salaries and benefits), the need for specific expertise, geographic scope of sports activities, and the seasonality of some events, thereby prompting many sorts organizations to hire outside agencies for managing, activating, and marketing their events (Job, Woods & Howard, 2008). Currently, the event management and marketing agencies get involved in functions such as tennis and golf tournaments, bowl games, festivals, as well as other sports and lifestyle special events. Moreover, the sports management and marketing agencies often represent organizational properties in sponsor solicitation and proportional licensing, as well as procurement (Job, Woods & Howard, 2008). Sports properties can be defined as any sport or lifestyle entities with event recognition or name, perceived values, and desirability, which may choose to render itself for some form of affiliation. Through the television developments and productions, the growth and proliferation of cable, pay-per-view, and satellite services have created a number of opportunities and outlets for development and production of television programming. Through the efforts of managing directors, marketing president, and strategy officer, Octagon involves in the creation, development, and management of sports and lifestyle activities and/or events. The organization also manages its sponsorships, licensing, and broadcasting rights for old and distinguished events within the international sports and events calendar.

Octagon performance measures are essential in regards to the global benchmarking process since they provide a mean of both strategic and personnel evaluation during performance planning and assessment (Hoffer, Hunt & Collins, 2009). With these measures in position, a successful management will better be identified by its performance relative to its strategic planning benchmarks. Additionally, through the employment of these performance measures, alongside appropriate feedback mechanisms, Octagon management is capable of ascertaining its initiatives. On the other dimensions, communication is an essential tool for an organization's streamlined performance and overall strategic processes. It should thereby become a primary concern for Octagon management to restructure its communication channels amongst the organization's seniors and junior managements. This strategic plan would integrate a seamless information distribution across the organization via leaders and employees. Moreover, Octagon employees will be capable of providing essential information with regards to improving the entire sporting organization. In several occasions, employees are the front-line personnel of the organization through information distribution and management's strategic planning. They can provide important information, which can be disseminated through the entire organization hence making the strategic management process more effective since individuals are well aware of the organization's goals and objectives.


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