Old South: Middle Florida's Plantation Term Paper

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Moreover, the long growing seasons and rich soil of Middle Florida became a haven for large landowners as well as the scratch farmer. Baptist points out that by 1823, descriptions of this new virgin land between the east and west coasts of Florida were appearing in print by at least four authors, causing many to imagine the possibilities, whether financially or culturally.

However, as Baptist is careful to account, this new paradise soon became embroiled in conflict, culturally and politically. By the 1840's, conflicts between the whites waned when slavery became an issue of threat. With common bond, the white elite planters saw themselves as the royalty of the South, equal to the Jamaican plantation owners who were among Britain's richest men. Cotton, tobacco and sugar cane were but a few boomer crops of the plantations. These land barons, with the use of slave labor began to build industries, such as cotton gins and sugar mills. With their wealth came political power and the ability to shape the territory of Florida to serve their own self-interests and desires. They became major players of world trade and commerce, extending beyond national boundaries. Baptist documents the rise to power of the white elitists and the conflicts and turmoil of those early years of settlement between the plantation owners and the white settlers who had come to carve a life for their families.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Old South: Middle Florida's Plantation Assignment

Baptist account appears factual and detailed, citing among his scholarly and media sources, government and census accounts as well, thus, lending credibility not only to the other outside sources, but to his own conclusions and assumptions. Although, a scholarly account, Baptist has woven historical facts with colorful accounts from media clippings and personal journals and diaries. There did not seem to be any major inconsistencies or sweeping generalizations within the body of work. Baptist gives his readers a behind the scenes insight into a culture that has been romanticized for nearly two centuries, the Old South of grace and wealth. His view is fresh and his writing original. Baptist paints an account of Florida's birth that will surely become an important source for scholars and history buffs.


Baptist, Edward E. Creating an Old South: Middle Florida's Plantation Frontier before the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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