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Old Testament stands as one of the most influential literary works in the history of man, considering that it had a strong effect on the evolution of Judaism and Christianity and that its power is presently felt in Western culture as a whole. Michael Coogan's perspective in regard to the Old Testament is particularly interesting, as he too agrees to the concept regarding how the manuscript has had a severe influence on people across time. Similar to how it came to influence many other texts written after it, the Old Testament itself is a collection of texts gathered through time and brought together in a scripture considered to be essential in having individuals behave in accordance to certain standards. Many are inclined to believe that the Old Testament is the first part of the Bible but are unsuccessful in understanding that matters are more complex than that.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Confusion regarding the Old Testament typically arises as a result of people's failure to comprehend the difference between Judaism and Christianity in relation to the Bible. Although one of the greatest transformations experienced by the manuscript was caused by its interaction with Christianity, many early Christians considered the document to be a very important part of their culture. Similar to newer versions of the Bible, the Old Testament was intended to present people with a series of ideas influencing them in adopting a moral perspective concerning life. Also, its writers wanted it to stand as a reference to the beginnings of time, as they acknowledged the fact that society was generally concerned about incipient phases. The Old Testament played a very important role in having both Judaists and Christians relate to their cultural past, as they considered… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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