Older Adult Assessment Interview

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Older Adult Assessment

Maslow's Hierarchy describes the general characteristics of needs and states them in a form of hierarchy (Vander Zanden, Crandell., Crandell, 2007) . The hierarchy consists of five levels of needs: physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self -- actualization. In order to move up the hierarchy, you must first satisfy the need.. Basic needs are water and food, and the approval of others . Physiological need is survival for food and water, once the survival need is met they will become motivated to satisfy their safety needs . Safety need is fulfilled when people feel safe and stable in their environment . This takes us to the next level of belongingness and love need, people must feel love and loved by others . They want to be accepted by their peers. This can be accomplished when people reach out to others with similar goals, and interest, and avoiding certain situations when they might feel alienated . To satisfy esteem need people seek out a particular situation where they are able to prove their competence and display their achievements . The final hierarchy level is self-actualization, is the process of developing one's potential identity and becoming fully aware of who one is as a person . Maslow's hierarchy provides us with an understanding to why people act a certain way, and how needs change over time (Vander Zanden, Crandell., Crandell, 2007) .

Physical Description

Mr. BP is seventy-year-old white Caucasian male who weighs 220 pounds, and stand 5'9 in height. His posture shows that is he is in full control of his life, and a very confident man. Mr. BP does use an assistive device, hearing aids, and reading glasses .

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Family Structure

Mr. BP has been married for 45 years to a beautiful loving Italian woman. His wife is very supportive, along with his two grown daughters . Mr. BP has six grandchildren which he adores and loves being a part of their life .

Present Living Arrangements

He resides in a 3500 square foot two-story home on the out skirt of Columbia, South Carolina in a small country setting with his three dogs, and wife which sits on 43 acres .

Employment History

Interview on Older Adult Assessment Assignment

Mr. BP runs his own company designing parts and products for large manufacturer companies who produce quality machinery for food chains and the auto industry (Kentucky Fired Chicken, Taco Bell, and car manufacturers ). Mr. BP has been the sole owner of this company for forty plus years.

General Source of Income

His career provides Mr. BP with a quality life, along with his wife's income, and his social security .

Health Insurance

Mr. BP has premium Health Insurance provided by his wife's company, which is similar to that of a Senator. They pay for nothing, it is all covered by his wife's health insurance provided by her company .

Daily Activities

Mr. BP loves working outdoors on his property in his spare time. On the weekends he spends it working with his wife in their garden, and planting vegetables .

Social Activities

Mr. BP works in the field in sales, and when it comes time for relaxing, he would rather spend his time at home on his property, not being around a crowd of people . Mr. BP and his wife go to friends for dinner, occasionally . He is not currently active in Church, this is for personal reasons that he wishes not to address at this time . However, his wife is very active in the community, and attends church . Occasionally Mr. BP and his wife take a trip . Last year they went to London and Paris for two weeks. The year before that, Mr. BP went to Brazil for month .

Eating habits

Mr. BP is fortunate to be married to a wonderful Italian cook. She is very health conscious, therefore Mr. BP food is provided with healthy home cooked meals prepared by his wife . As for beverage intake, Mr. BP consumes a lot of coffee on a daily bases, and milk with all meals.

Degree of Independence

Mr. BP is a very active man for his age. He works five days a week in the field for his company . On the weekends, he spends it peacefully around his home, doing odd jobs, playing with his dogs, helping his wife with the garden, working in the barn on odd projects, and reading a lot of war material, because Mr. BP collects collectable war daggers . He also collects very expensive antique furniture .

Health Promotion Activities

Mr. BP is a firm believer if you're not sick, you don't need to seek a doctor, therefore rarely goes to the physician . Only once a year for check-ups and for maintenance on his hearing aids . Mr. BP does go in for a routine eye exam once a year . He is not a fan of the dentist and hasn't been to one in twenty plus years . He claims his teeth are healthy, and if they don't hurt, you don't need a dentist, since there is fluoride in our water .

Past Health History

Mr. BP has been a relativity healthy man for the majority of his life. However, he does have a mild case of depression, and early stage of emphysema . He was a former smoker for forty plus years . However, has not smoked in the last ten years . He was diagnosed with emphysema five years ago, and has it under control at this time without medication, and oxygen . He does not take medication for his depression, tries to keep a positive outlook on life, even with aging .

Physical Health

Mr. BP quality of health has been deteriorating with his age, in comparisons to mid-adulthood . His work ethics and long hours have been cut in half do to his health, age, and wanting to enjoy life . He is not as active in the community as he was in his mid-adulthood, as he would rather work around his house, and spend time with his wife .

Diet / Nutrition

Mr. BP diet and nutrition in his mid-adulthood was in taking a lot of meals in restaurants do to his traveling with his company . As he started to reach retirement age, his eating habits changed by way of eating healthier and more meals at home since his travel time with his company has been cut in half

Changes in food preferences

Mr. BP still eats the same foods as he did in his mid-adulthood . He still loves hot spicy food, pizza with anchovies, nice thick porterhouse steak, and hearty home cooked breakfast . However, since Mr. BP wife travels a lot for her job, he is left to fend for himself during the week . His wife does prepare meals ahead of time to ensure that he eats healthy, but is smaller quantity since he doesn't like to cook. Mr. BP has never been a breakfast person, and still to this day he doesn't eat breakfast, just a hot cup of black coffee .

Independence / autonomy

Mr. BP is a high functioning man . He does everything for himself with the exception of cooking which is left to his wife . He doesn't work as hard as he did in his mid-adult years because his hard work, has provide him with income to pay for services such as: ranking the leaves, cleaning the house, laundry, landscaping, or painting and remodeling the house .

Financial Status

Mr. BP was worked for his company for forty plus years. His hard work, and financial income has been astonishing to be fortunate to have all their cars paid off, house paid off, and only left with monthly bills such as: water, sanitation, cable, electric, car insurance, lawn care . Whereas, in his mid-adulthood Mr. BP had a car payment, mortgage, credit card debit, and minor expenses for his company .

Social Life

Mr. BP was notorious for entertaining in his mid-adulthood. He would have dinner parties with clients, pig roast once a year for his employees, family, and friends. He would travel out of the country several times a year for vacation, however as he started to hit retirement age, all this slowed down, or came to a halt because he wanted to enjoy a peaceful slower life .

Family Life

Mr. BP is still married to his beautiful Italian wife . His two daughters have gone on there merry way but spending much time with their dad . Part of this has to do with one of the daughters residing out of state, and the other daughter is very active with her children and their activities as they swim on a year around swim team, which requires a lot of traveling. Therefore, the grandchildren are not around as much, and two of the grandchildren are in college out of state .

Sexuality / Relationships

Mr. BP still has a high sex… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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