Hiring Older Workers as Mentor Leaders Research Paper

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Recruiting and Accommodating Older Workers

The key to recruiting older workers is to play to their strengths and give them titles and roles in the company, allowing them "to contribute to their expertise” (Bersin & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2019). Older workers want to feel valued and appreciated for their experience and knowledge, and an organization looking to recruit them will want to show they are willing to make that worker feel comfortable in the workplace by giving that worker a title and role within the organization designed just for his talents. They should be offered managerial roles, supervisor roles and mentor roles. They would make great mentors for onboarding purposes and they could serve in an educational capacity or as team leaders.

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They should also be accommodated in terms of offering them flexible schedules or flexible work (Bersin & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2019). Older workers would like to be able to have a degree of flexibility and they feel they have earned it. Pay equity should be based on job and level rather than on tenure (Bersin & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2019). Just because they are a new hire does not mean they are new to the job or to the industry or the work. It would be insulting for an older worker to be started at a base salary as though he were the same as an incoming freshman worker. The older worker should be compensated based on skill level and experience. The more the worker feels appreciated and valued based on his past experience, regardless of the fact that it was with another organization, the more likely the worker is to feel respected and want to sign on with the new company.

Reverse Mentoring

Research Paper on Hiring Older Workers as Mentor Leaders Assignment

Older workers, however, may lack some of the insights that the digital generation has picked up and thus reverse mentoring can be of assistance when hiring older workers. Reverse mentoring is where the younger worker mentors the older worker in a skill that the older worker does not possess. This usually has to do with technological issues, how to use computers or the Internet, how to communicate using digital media, the value of social media, and so on. A real-world example of reverse mentoring can be seen at Pershing, a financial company that recently used reverse mentoring to help older workers become more digitally inclined. One benefit of the program, Pershing found, was that mentoring is really a two-way street: the older workers benefited from the younger workers’ knowledge of computers—but the younger workers benefited from the integrity of the older workers as well as the experience of teaching others, and turnover dropped by three-quarters as a result at Pershing (Wingard, 2018).


Older workers can bring with them a deep well of insight, experience, wisdom and the ability to guide others. They are known for commitment and loyalty—something younger generations lack. Thus, they would be good influences—veteran workers who lead by example—for the younger workers. They should be considered assets for any company and they should be recruited and accommodated because of the skills and spirit they can bring to an organization.

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