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They want to feel like grown-ups, but they still have very little self-control. In addition, sexuality is just another piece of the puzzle that adds to their insecurities, taboos, curiosities etc. There'd plenty of sexually explicit material and they are bound to be attracted by what they know very little about, but are eager to find out as much as possible. The worst thing for adolescents would be to learn about their sexuality from television programs.

Most of the educational programs mentioned can be viewed worldwide thanks to cable, along with those each country has designed for its younger viewers. However, the regulations regarding TV commercials are widely varying, so the invitation to eat high calorie foods and drinks may still be allowed in some countries. Plus, television watching means being sedentary in any country. Television watching can create unhealthy eating habits and an overall unhealthy living style, inclination to violence, distorted ideas about sexuality, women vs. men's roles and other important social issues, therefore it should be strictly controlled and restricted to a minimum.

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