One of the Principal Concepts Essay

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[. . .] Lasse Hallstrom's 1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape is to a certain degree similar to Forrest Gump, considering that they both deliberate on the lives of men as they struggle to thrive in spite of the fact that fate provided them with little chances of doing so.

7. Jenny's character is a stereotype for the counterculture that lived through the sixties and seventies. She is constantly portrayed as being negatively affected by the choices that she makes, even with the fact that she is simply interested in expressing herself freely in times when war efforts are considered to be one of the country's main priorities. Jenny is most probably meant to contrast Forrest, given that his lack of interest in joining a particular community prevents him from getting into trouble. The immoral behavior employed by certain individuals that were part of the counterculture apparently backfires on themselves, especially given as Jenny's deadly virus stands as a reference to AIDS.

8. With Forrest Gump being concentrated on elements and historic events characteristic to American culture, most of the music in it is sung by American icons of the sixties and seventies. This increases the feeling that viewers get and makes it possible for them to go deeper into the American setting of the sixties and seventies as the Vietnam War affected the public and numerous singers joined the counterculture in an attempt to remedy matters.

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9. One of the most intriguing ethical dilemmas present in the movie relates to Forrest deciding to help others in spite of the fact that he has no obligation to do so. The fact that he saves Lt. Dan and many other wounded individuals on the battlefields of Vietnam proves that he prefers to risk his life in order to save others. Similarly, his love for Jenny stays strong even at times when she shows that she is not necessarily worthy of his support.

Essay on One of the Principal Concepts Assignment

10. The visual effects employed throughout the film are downright impressive when considering that the film was shot in the early nineties. Computer generated imagery techniques have made it possible for Tom Hanks to be shown shaking hands with several celebrities that died before the film was made. Similarly, clips showing characters during the Vietnam War put across the feeling that napalm was actually shot near the actors.

11. One is likely to feel that his personal identity is influenced by such films, considering that the sentiments that it triggers are quite strong. Even with the fact that it is very difficult (considering that individuals are bombarded with emotive feelings through a series of mediums) to influence people in the contemporary society, Forrest's determination and the fact that he uses morality as a means to get by makes viewers understand that it is best for them to remain impartial and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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