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Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

It is important to note from the onset that there is no clearly identified cause of narcissistic disorder. There are however several theories that have been propagated to the cause of this disorder. There is an increasing number of professionals who buy into the explanation fronted by the biospychosocial model of causation. This approach indicates that this personality is mainly due to the biological and the genetic factors, as well as the social factors which include the way the person was brought up and the interactions that he had during the childhood stages, and also the psychological factors that the person is predisposed to like the personality of the individual, the temperament as modeled by environment and the coping methods that they were taught (Psych Central, 2012).

From above approach and explanation, apparently there is no single explanation that is responsible for the personality but it is a variation of factors that interplay to shape an individual to develop such personality. Amazingly, if an individual has this personality disorder, research indicates that they are likely to pass it down to their children.


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From the symptoms and the characteristics that someone with narcissistic personality disorder displays, the most relevant cure that has been observed to work is one that involves long-term psychotherapy that the patient is put through by an experience therapist in such types or related disorders. The therapy can come in the form of individual psychotherapy or group psychotherapy as deemed fit by the psychotherapist.

There are instances where medication and hospitalization may be prescribed especially fro those patients that are self-destructive and quite impulsive. These are the patients with severe narcissistic disorder and the hospitalization should be briefed at the treatment targeted at the particular symptom displayed by the patient since medical treatment of the disorder has been noted to be ineffective in correcting the personality disorder in general (MedicineNet, 2014).

Research Paper on One of the Very Rare Assignment


The studies, readings and discussions that I had in this class all contributed immensely in my understanding of the various forms of psychological disorders and developed my interest and curiosity in knowing what this particular disorder was. The chapters read in this lesson and the books recommended in class enabled me to understand that the psychological disorders are not like the physical diseases or ailments that the body may suffer, far from that, they can be present and not realized even by the person suffering from them, for instance this narcissistic personality disorder. Again, these psychological disorders may overlap in that an individual may have multiple of these disorders at the same time. Apparently, I also came to learn that the symptoms as outlined in majority of the clinical books may not all apply in all patients at the same rate. In someone symptom may be more pronounced as others are mildly experienced or even missing altogether.

In the daily application as a psychiatrist and when handling counselling cases, I will be able to apply the general knowledge that I acquired from this section to categorize the psychological disposition of the patients. This section will act as a guide to my applied psychology and make it easier to understand my patients in the future. This knowledge of the definition and the symptoms will not only apply to the patients that I will encounter in the future working station but will also help me observe behaviors of people in the media, their utterances and physical conduct and be able to know if they have an abnormal psychology and which one it could be, hence understanding better the society at large and individual human behavior in specific.


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