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If customers cannot be properly reached, or if the message that gets to them is not clear or appropriate for the target audience, the company may find that it is not getting orders and bringing in new customers (Allison & Kaye, 2005). It may not actually understand why this is taking place, which is a serious concern when it comes to building an online presence and marketing it properly.

In order to ensure that Hot Dragon does well in the marketplace, it needs some strategic planning and marketing ideas. First, it should embrace technology. It may think it is already doing that because it has a web page, but there is much more to the issue of technology than just cobbling together a website. The site should be designed the right way, easy to navigate, and really showcase what the company has to offer (Lorenzen, 2006; Mckeown, 2012). People need to be able to find products quickly when they visit a website. If it becomes too complicated or they cannot find what they are looking for, they will simply start looking somewhere else -- and that would mean they would go to one of Hot Dragon's competitors. In order to stop that from happening the company should employ a professional to give them the right kind of website, and should make sure they have chosen something that will speak to the kinds of customers they really want to draw in and make sales to.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Online Business Expansion Plan: Hot Assignment

Additionally, they will need to consider an email campaign. Marketing emails are not difficult to create, and they can be very valuable if they are sent out to the right people, in the right frequency, and with the right information (Mckeown, 2012; Olsen, 2012). That may sound complicated, but it does not have to be. There are many marketing professionals and freelance writers who charge reasonable rates to craft promotional and marketing emails. It is not the frequency of these that can turn people off, but the actual content of them. Overall, people who receive these emails want them to be interesting and relevant. If the content is not appropriate or does not apply to them, these same people will become disinterested in the company. That can happen if they receive an email once per day, once per week, or even once per month. As long as a company is not spamming a person's inbox with marketing material, frequent emails are generally acceptable as long as they add value to the customer's life.

A third online marketing strategy Hot Dragon may want to consider is the use of advertising on other sites. Google AdWords is a good way to get ads placed high in the search rankings, but it is not free. If the company wants to explore other opportunities for ads, they may consider reaching out to companies that would make good affiliates for hot sauce and spicy mustard. Any kind of company that does not sell those products but that sells food that would pair well with those products would be worth contacting. While the other companies probably will not allow ads for Hot Dragon for free, there may be mutually beneficial relationships that can be worked out. If that were to take place, it could help to put the company in a better position and allow it to move forward by growing a larger customer base much faster. The more ads, good reviews, and recommendations across different websites a company can get, the more easily it will be found and the more of a strong online presence it will develop, which could mean rapid growth and development.

A4. Social Media Integration

Integrating social media into the equation is an excellent way for Hot Dragon to market itself and develop a stronger online presence. One of the most significant values of social media is that it is free. Anyone can use it, and they can do so for business or for pleasure. Many people mix the two. If Hot Dragon is going to be successful, though, it should remember that a business account should stay focused on the business. In other words, it would not be a good idea to mix business and personal information on any of the company's social media accounts. Separate accounts are a good idea if both business and personal goals are to be considered by the owner of a company or anyone who works high up in a company -- and that is especially true for companies that are just getting started and have not built up much of a reputation yet. Hot Dragon does not want that reputation to start out poorly or to be tainted from the very beginning, especially on social media.

Integrating social media tools can expand the web presence of a business quite well, but only if that business takes the time to keep its social media accounts active (Olsen, 2012). Otherwise, the company is not providing anything of value, and customers and potential customers will soon lose interest. One of the best ways to integrate social media tools when a business is trying to expand its social media presence is through Twitter. Many companies use Twitter to get messages out to their customers, and it is quick and easy. That lets anyone in the world find the company on the web, and can allow people searching for specific information on Twitter to quickly find and follow a new company they may never have located or heard about otherwise. The importance of that cannot be overstated, and Twitter is becoming more significant for businesses all the time. Hot Dragon will want to make Twitter and frequent tweets a big part of its social media plan.

Another social media tool not to be overlooked is Google+. The popularity of Facebook's rival social media site is growing, but Hot Dragon will want to join up for another reason. Google+ pages show up when people search for the company or when they search for terms related to that company. It is generally the first result, or one of the first results, in search. That is great news for a company that is trying to get on the map and get noticed. When a company is able to start showing up in search quickly it has the potential to get more customers, even if its website is not optimized or taking longer to get indexed (Olsen, 2012). That is worth noting, since Hot Dragon will want to establish a good internet presence as soon as possible. The sooner the better when attempting to get the word out about a new company or a new product. Even though sales will be slow in the beginning, anything that allows the company to build up a presence in the social media sphere is important and worth considering.

The most important thing for any company to remember about social media is that it has to be used in order to be valuable (Mckeown, 2012). Hot Dragon can establish profiles on all of the hottest social media sites, but if the company does not do anything with those profiles it can be quickly forgotten. It can even hurt the company if people find the profiles only to see they have not been updated in a very long time or they are not updated with any kind of frequency. Hot Dragon should avoid letting that happen, because social media tools have to be used if they are going to be helpful to the company and to the customers and potential customers of the company. Even if Hot Dragon needs to hire someone to keep up its social media accounts, the money spent can be well worth it when it comes to making sure customers get the latest information and keep checking back for updates. The power of social media spans the globe, and any company that is trying to get a foothold in an online market should remember to use it wisely in order to keep building up its business presence (Olsen, 2012).

Part B

B1. E-Commerce Solutions

In order to make sure customers can pay for their purchases quickly and easily, any company that does business online needs to have a good, reliable, and safe payment platform (Pinson, 2004). There are several ways to do this, and more than one can be used. Hot Dragon should consider allowing people to pay with PayPal, for those people who like to shop online but who do not feel that their credit or debit card information will be safe. By allowing PayPal transactions, people can buy from Hot Dragon and still feel like they have good protection for what they have purchased. Of course, there is much more to the issue. Not everyone has or wants a PayPal account, and some people do not keep money in it or use it with the exception of specific sites or purchases. For that reason, PayPal is not the only payment option a company will want… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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