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Online field trip comprised of visits to five online locations. Each website was related to the teaching and understanding of mathematics. The contents of the sites included information for teachers, parents and students. Some sites were concerned with the testing of particular skills other focused on providing relevant information to interested persons. The following paragraphs will provide a brief summary of the specific websites.

The first site visited was titled "Illumination: Resources for Teaching Math." This website was well organized and vivid. There were links for activities, lessons, standards and other online math resources. The home page of the site provided easy access to some of the more relevant resources on the site. The material on this site is designed to make, the teaching of math fun and enjoyable in the classroom.

Following the "Illumination" site, the next site visited was the "National Council of Teachers of Mathematics" (NCTM) website. This website was abuzz with a multitude of links and a wealth of information specifically for teachers. The resources and articles on this site focused on teacher development. From conferences to job opportunities, the professional development of the teacher was central to this site.

The website "A Math Dictionary for Kids" by Jenny Eather employed bold, bright attention grabbing colors. The website provided definitions to mathematical concepts at a level that children could easily grasp. Selecting a… [END OF PREVIEW]

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