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According to the research findings of the Association Management, "e-learning is the fastest growing Web application since e-mail. More than 75% of colleges and 90% of Global 2000 companies have invested in online learning. More than 2 million courses are now online and accessible to learners of all occupations and interests. Millions of people have taken online courses, and the number is growing exponentially. Some estimate that 50% of all continuing education will be delivered via the Internet by 2004" (E-learning News, reference 1).

Hence considering the aforementioned surveys and the resultant research findings, Freddie Corporation has a vast target market of size as big as the endless business opportunities that online computer learning courses offer.

Are the required technical capabilities in place? Are the fulfillment capabilities in place?

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Answer # 6: In order to formulate some of the best lectures and delivery methodologies of other essentials to the learners of the Unix System Administration and other online courses offered by the Internet-based Start-up Company, Freddie Corporation has resolved the issues concerning business and associated learning requirements (Hot to started with e-learning, reference 3). The upcoming business enterprise has fulfilled all the required technological and other essentials to make Freddie Corporation online classes full of innovation and priceless information (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3). Rich in technical and fulfillment capabilities, Freddie Corporation, the start-up e-learning company has decided to utilize the popular yet not so common plugged in approach referred to as "digital surround" by Elliot Masie (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3). This technologically advanced approach uses "e-learning components to support and extend classroom learning events. E-learning components that can "surround" a classroom-based event would include online assessments, e-mail access to tutors, collaborative tools and coursework"(How to get started with e-learning, reference 3).

Term Paper on Online Learning Business This Research Assignment

According to a guide for start-ups, "the Learning Management System (LMS) is the core piece of technology that drives most e-learning strategies" (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3). Keeping this in mind, the systems administrators and systems consultants at Freddie Corporation have "taken "hands on" experience of various systems" (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3) for the convenience of their users and have mutually decided to use an "Application Service Provider (ASP)" (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3). This is because the responsible team at Freddie knows that starting right away with a large scale planning and operation will land the firm nowhere. Therefore Freddie Corporation runs a pilot to check the accuracy of its online learning programs and relevant data. Furthermore, the team is well aware of the fact that "a logical first step is a pilot project, a small-scale implementation designed to generate useful data points and test the value of e-learning" (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3).

An ASP is seen as the best pilot option as it provides a simpler and lower risk option with lower associated costs

Freddie Corporation has used the following "guidelines for its pilot project" in order to ensure the fulfillment of its technological capabilities: (*All the key pointers listed below have been taken verbatim from the referred source) (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3)

Focus on an application of e-learning where the training requirement is high

Define a small number of users (depending on your size)

Needs analysis workshop (define pilot scope)

Evaluation design (set targets, success factors)

Implementation (internal or ASP)

Reporting workshop (measure and evaluate)

Having a system in-house affords you a greater degree of control but it can commit you to purchasing, installing and supporting additional hardware. Intranet deployments can allow you greater integration with other internal systems such as HR, and often allow more administrative functions

An ASP solution can be set up very quickly and cost effectively because the hardware and software is taken care of by the ASP provider. ASP solutions generally rely on all participants having Internet access and you will need to check with your IT department that firewall security restrictions will not prevent you from accessing the content you need from the Web

Moreover, the final assessment team at Freddie Corporation consisting of expert individuals have found out that the company has covered and has looked after all the areas where technology plays a vital role. The kind of technology Freddie Corporation has used is absolutely expedient in all the essential areas including: (How to get started with E-learning, reference 1) (*All the areas mentioned below have been extracted from the source verbatim)

Competency and skills assessment



Administration of content and users

Tracking and reporting

Integration with other enterprise systems (ERP, HRIS, for example)

Will the venture generate traffic and stickiness?

Answer # 7: With the help of Broadband and VOD that is Video on Demand technologies, Freddie Corporation is sure to generate the essential traffic and stickiness.

E-learning News, reference 1)

How will the Internet start-up create a brand?

Answer # 8: It is common knowledge that creating a brand for an Internet or otherwise start-up companies consume quite some time and resources plus requires brains. The best way as well as the most common method to create a brand is through the use of distinct "trade marks" that represents the company's image, style and value adding attitude. With the help of "a "sign," e.g. word, device, logo, legend, label, container etc. that usually identifies goods, or services, as coming from a particular source" or by using a specific motto that play the role of differentiating the company's product or service by others companies create a brand for themselves (Guidelines on IP, reference 2).

Internet start-up online learning firm by the name of Freddie Corporation has also formulated a well-planned design to create a brand for its online services. We have hired a patent agent who will make sure that the logo that we have chosen to create our brand in the streamlined market is not breaching the trade mark rights of any other firm. Win the meantime our team of designers has come up with a marvelous and an attractive logo. Freddie Corporation with a star and a moon combined together intends to capture the market. The purpose of this trademark is to show our welcoming attitude towards our clients and our twenty-four hour availability online. The dark blue of the moon has been taken from our national flag whereas the bright yellow sun shines brightly to spread the awareness and enlightenment through online learning.

Are there any regulatory hurdles?

Answer # 9: In order to receive design rights, patents, copyrights and trademarks, there are a number of laws pertaining to the same (Guidelines on IP, reference 2). However, these formal obligations are time consuming but hurdles. There are registered "design rights and unregistered design rights" where unregistered design rights are also used for safeguarding "semiconductor topographies" (Guidelines on IP, reference 2). Moreover, the trademarks have to be registered with the "Trade Marks Registry (a branch of the patent office). Trade Marks are registered for specific goods or services. A registration is infringed by someone else using the same Trade Mark (or a confusingly similar one) in relation to the same or similar goods or services. It is possible for identical Trade Marks to be used by different persons quite legitimately if the goods or services concerned are quite different, and/or with consent by the proprietors e.g. PENGUIN books and PENGUIN biscuits" (Guidelines on IP, reference 2).

How real is the threat of substitution?

Answer # 10: Real and pragmatic strategies have been designed by our team to resolve the competition issues revolving this business venture. According to the survey reports, there are various established names in the industry that pose a real threat of substitution plus there are some giants that also intend to provide online learning. Therefore the threat is right there. Nevertheless, Freddie Corporation has done the required groundwork before hand leaving little room for such risks.

How will established businesses respond?

Answer # 11: Analyzing the above quoted and extensive research findings, it is evident that there are various other firms that have already established their names and are running big businesses in the computer online learning services. If considered from the point of competition issues, the established businesses will probably show a cold shoulder to the presence of Freddie Corporation as far as the turn over is concerned. This is because more the number of good firms, more is the variety to choose from established brands and less is the profit share of each party involved and competitive firms of the similar nature. Nevertheless, the established firms are also aware that more brands entering the web-based learning first means tougher competition and betterment of the existing approaches with the introduction of latest technological trends than the saturation level. Furthermore, with Freddie Corporation entering the cyber world where teaching is done through the Internet by spreading… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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