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¶ … online MBA programs at the University of Phoenix ( Compare it to the traditional MBA program at Hawaii Pacific University. Suppose each was looking to expand the numbers of students in their programs; how might the research design differ for each?

A research project designed to find out how to increase enrollment for the University of Phoenix Online MBA program vs. A traditional MBA program at Hawaii Pacific University would be significantly different in several respects. First, the targeted population of respondents would be significantly different. The most fundamental difference in research projects begins with the definition of the respondent base, and assumptions relative to their attitudes, behaviors and preferences are compensated for in the research design (Robinson, The second significant difference would be in the approach used for gathering information. With potential students for an online school, there is going to be much more of a geographically dispersed sample, versus students for an MBA program at Hawaii Pacific University.

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The variation in sampling frames also dictates differences in how attitudes, preferences and unmet needs are also measured (Bar-Isaac, Caruana, Cunat, 375). Finally there will be significant differences in how each of the results are analyzed, given the fact that the University of Phoenix can support many more students, across a much wider geographic area, than the Hawaii Pacific University MBA Program could for example. The analysis and strategies defined therefore will vary significantly across each group (Ben-Ur, Newman, 515). All of these factors would need to be taken into account when creating a research design.

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2. Use a Web browser to go to the Gallup Organization's home page at ( The Gallup home page changes regularly. However, it should provide an opportunity to read the results of a recent poll. For example, a poll might break down Americans sympathies toward Israel or the Palestinians based on numerous individual characteristics such as political affiliation or religious involvement. After reading the results of a Gallup poll of this type, learn how polls are conducted. You may need to click on the Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ) to find this information. List the various stages of the research process and how they were (or were not) followed in Gallup's projects.

Gallup relies on a methodology that has evolved over decades of research to capture respondent attitudes, believes and behaviors on critical domestic and international issues. As a result, the sampling frame and validity of the model has been fine-tuned over decades of use. As part of their methodology, Gallup completes a test of their questionnaires and survey instruments, and depending on the topic and research design, completes a stratified random sampling of several subgroups or segments as well. In the area of telephone surveys, Gallup works to capture primary data at the ordinal or interval level of data scaling to ensure its reliability.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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