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¶ … online scientific publication for current research on the role of the cell cycle in aging.

"Loss of Stem Cells Correlates With Premature

Aging In Animal Study." ScienceDaily 8 June 2007. 29 April 2009

While dying and aging are accepted as inevitable facts of life, new research suggests that like so many diseases, aging (or at very least the rate at which we age) is encoded in our genes. Also, new research into what parts of the cell are involved in regeneration hold the promise for forestalling the seemingly inevitable symptoms of growing older. According to the ScienceDaily article "Loss of Stem Cells Correlates With Premature Aging In Animal Study," researchers at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute of the University of Pennsylvania have found that deleting a gene known as ATR from a mouse's genetic sequence can lead to premature aging and loss of stem cell reservoirs in the affected mice.

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This gene, which is essential for normal cell regeneration allows the body to heal normally, in response to damaged DNA. Daily, the body breaks down and rebuilds itself. Our body's ability to regenerate slows down as we age and our reserves of stem cell reservoirs grows smaller, or in some cases loses their integrity through overly frequent division when our systems are particularly stressed. Until now, scientists were uncertain as to why this was the case, on a molecular level. The new model offered by this research could provide scientists with clues as to how to preserve stem cells and suppress or reduce the symptoms of aging and develop new ways to repair DNA damage due to cancer and other disorders in humans on a cellular level.

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Aging may be described as a slow loss of stem… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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