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This aspect should be carefully studied and the necessary facilities provided. There seems also to be good consciousness about exercises among certain types of sportsmen and they are also conscious enough to be contributing for gymnasiums. It may be worthwhile to try and collect endorsements for Bally's from them. This can be done by seeking their help at the design level or the expert level. The association may be maintained through long-term linkages through awards and other rewards for sportsmen. The ladies seem to be beauty conscious and for this purpose also some action should be taken. Once there is consciousness on these lines, it seems that the future possibilities are immense. For expansion, it may be worthwhile to think in terms of branches in Australia and even within Sydney. Here the ordinary facilities seem to be available nearby for most people and though there are facilities available close by, still some people may be interested enough in quality served by Bally's to travel a little distance. This however does not mean that everybody will be interested enough to travel all across the city, and that is why branches are needed.

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Term Paper on Opening a Bally's Total Fitness Assignment

Management principles say that the inventory should be maintained at the lowest level possible. This would be difficult in the case of a single branch operation, but not impossible. To maintain low levels of inventory, local suppliers should be appointed, and for this purpose also a supplier has been suggested. They have in turn a large number of suppliers for their own equipment, and these people may be given the responsibility of making the supplies to Bally's. This will enable the management to maintain the supplies at the lowest possible level. This may need certain adjustments in terms of the brands used by Bally's or teaching of the suppliers to bring them up to the level that is used by Bally's. This is a normal process that one has to go through when one goes to a new market. The new market in this case is fairly well developed and also has its own long history in the field of health build up. The emphasis is also in the area of cardiovascular care which is an area of emphasis today the world over. The necessary trouble in finding local suppliers is expected to be worth it.

Import export regulations and duties

There are a lot of consultants available in Sydney it self who can take the responsibility of fitting up a gymnasium. There help may be sought in this regard. They can supply people for the initial period at any type of gymnasium that is set up. There are people available for supplying developers and architects for the design of gymnasiums, for the layout, sourcing of equipment and fitness services for the people visiting. Their sales and marketing director has said that there aim is to help people create the fitness studio environment by delivering complete fitness solutions. They have experience on the subject as they already have a number of studios and gymnasiums under private ownership being operated by them. The consultancy has only been recently started by them in March 2002. (Fitness Inside Out: About us)

They have already worked out with a lot of clients and the clients have been in different age levels and fitness levels. Their concentration has been in the area of apartment gymnasiums, and it is easily possible to trace them in quite a few apartments in Sydney. They even promise to train the individual in a nearby park if the apartment concerned does not have a suitable gymnasium. As a sales measure they offer to provide services everywhere. They have offices all over Sydney including Republic 2, Elan and Horizon in the East; Grandview and Pinnacle in the North; Edgewood and Balmain Cove in the West; and in Rushcutters bay Park. The statements made by their users are of the usual type. Pamela Ferrier said "Since I commenced with Fitness Inside Out, my general health, body definition, co-ordination & balance have greatly improved. There is no doubt their training regime covers all aspects of healthy living & the quality of my life has improved." Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Jeanette Higgins said "It is so much easier to move around in everyday life and we have so much more energy." Jan Eakin and Rachel Hadfield said "After a session with Fitness Inside Out, we are full of energy which lasts the rest of the day. It's also a great way to improve your fitness in a fun and interesting way." Michael Signal said "Fitness Inside Out has improved my fitness levels 100%. Their friendly and personal techniques are the best I've seen in Sydney. If your fitness is important to you I would defiantly recommend an assessment." They seem to be quite professional in their work and may be useful as local consultants. (Residential)


The analysis here is logical and made on the basis of the experience of existing operations by other operators. The care has been taken also that all levels of the market are also attended to. This will ensure that our efforts do not end up being of too high a level to appeal to the common man. At the same time, we can only think in terms of appealing to the select few, as the concept of approaching an international chain will appeal only to people who can afford it. This will certainly not be affordable to the people who are attending the gymnasiums being run by the local council, or the colleges. This is also not likely to appeal to the residents in the local hotels where they may have a facility available at a much cheaper price. If they are however members of Bally's at another country, and was till now being forced to use another provider due to the non-availability of Bally's, the new facility will help them, and they may end up using the facility. This will also appeal to people who feel that Bally's is the best possible facility, and they would naturally like to use this everywhere. This is a difficulty that every international chain must face and face all the time. It is not unique to Bally's, or to any other international organization. In the initial stages when an organization expands internationally it does the same to expand beyond the limitations of its own geographical boundary. Here the operation will be that of a franchisee, and that will put a limitation on the profits that the organization may get. There is however a cost for international operation and that has to be covered by the party that will gain the most from the internationalization, and that will be Bally's.

For this purpose, certain sacrifices will have to be made through the acceptance of later profits instead of immediate ones, by them. What this means is that it is expected that there will be substantial delay in the getting of profits by Bally's at the principal's level. Even the franchisee may not see much profits in the immediate period, as there will be a lot of developmental work to be done. The profits are expected to flow in only after the developmental work is completed. The nature of this business is like that of other consumer soft material, and there the profits at the immediate level for international expansion are low. The expected market may be huge, but there has to be conversion to the international brand before they can collect the profits. For this purpose, there may even be a necessity of the change of habits by the people in the new country. The people of Australia are not accustomed to the services, qualities and the costs of Bally's. They must be given the necessary time for making the adjustment. They are already accustomed to high costs as we have seen, but that may or may not be in line with the costs expected by the franchisee. That is the aspect only they can decide.


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