Research Proposal: Operating Room Efficacy

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[. . .] Communication technology also fosters social networks while communal exhibits foster collaborative work.

The only means through which hospitals can reduce costs and generate profits is through improving the effectiveness of inventory management (Harper, 2002). The concept that supplies are at the place of their use only when required prevents excess inventory, however, this concept leads to more time spent in operating rooms where nurses frequently goes to look for supplies. Moreover, this trend increases cost to patients, affects staff productivity in operating and may worsen the condition of patients due to ineffective surgical procedures. Peltokorpi (2011) suggest that hospitals should in increase their level of staffing to create efficiency in operating rooms. He affirms that, more attention should be channeled to disparities in personnel management and levels of staffing.

Productivity could be greatly augmented in all hospital units if more attention is focused on staffing (Wright, Bretthauer & Ceot'e, 2006). According to Anonymous (1996), to increase operating room efficient, hospitals should adopt TracePak system that lowers costs and offers required supplies at point of service. This system reduces inventory, lowers cost creates more spaces for operating procedures. Identification of the first steps in recognizing probable cost reductions in hospitals entails detection of departments that use-up more resources. Operating room is among those units that utilizes many resources. To cut cost in operating rooms, the hospital management should train the OR staff and surgeons concerning supplies cost and create clinical pathways that facilitates provision of optimal care at reduced cost. On the other hand, Berry, Berry-stolzle & Schleppers (2008) assert that suitable scheduling behavior, management techniques and operating room capacity facilitates efficiency in operating room.

According to Berry, Berry-stolzle & Schleppers (2008), hospital size and operating room space is the chief forecaster of productivity in operating room. While managers cannot change the hospital size to augment efficiency in operating room, executing fundamental management techniques which include controlling and planning, are crucial to increase the efficiency and performance of operating room staff (Krupka & Sandberg, 2006) .Weekly planning of surgeries makes the operating room unable to respond to shifts intrinsic in the operating room on daily basis. Daily planning is practical, but is subject to shifts particularly towards culmination of surgical working day. The cooperative setting according to Lehtonen, Torkki, Peltokorpi & Moilanen (2009) does not instigate increased productivity, but the use of a management tool that side with interests of the staff and patient enhances performance in operating rooms. As a result, productivity in operating room is linked to proper management methods, suitable planning and management techniques that correspond to interests of patients and those of operating room staff.


Coordinating the surgical procedure in operating suite, the most costly department in a hospitals, is crucial, but challenging (Marjamaa & Kirvela, 2007). While practical management can promote productivity in operating room, indistinguishable managerial structures can impede the most advantageous deployment of resources. Hospitals should engage more focus on communication and collaboration between care providers. Moreover, hospitals should increase the capacity of operating rooms, engage proper planning, adopt excellent management and avoid advance over-planning to increase productivity in operating rooms. According to Fredendall (2009), hospitals should also incorporate variable that measure supply coordination.


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