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The Allied Forces are also vigorously and exploiting the lodgments to acquire a completed control of the entire Mediterranean sea that includes Algeria, French Morocco, and Tunisia. To facilitate effective ground and air operations against the enemy, it is critical to creating a favorable condition to develop offensive operations against the Axis Forces. The operation of the Allied Forces was also to facilitate a complete annihilation of the Axis forces opposing the British Forces. A success of the operation is to prevent the enemy reinforcement by ensuring that no substantial enemy reinforcements are able to reach Tunisia. Thus, the Commander in Chief in charge of Mediterranean should use all the available resources to prevent the seaborne traffic between Tunisia and Italy. To this end, the Commander in Chief in charge of the operation should use all available submarines, possible blockships for TUNIS, and BIZERTA.

Despite the effective laid down strategic plan to achieve the operation, there are still some circumstances that can prevent the Allied forces to achieve their strategic end state. Thus, there is a need to implement the alternative plan to address the problem. For example, it is presumed that no landing would be possible with the weather problems, and the issue would lead to the tactical surprise that would make the escorts and convoy remaining at sea. Thus, an alternative plan was to land at beaches in case of weather deterioration and the wind.

"Section B: Major Operation. Operation TORCH"

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4. "The focus of a campaign or major operation is the achievement of the military end state "that defines achievement of all military objectives." Considering the strategic guidance provided to General Eisenhower in the Directive for Commander-in-Chief Allied Expeditionary Force, and based on the TORCH outline plan, what defines the military end state for Operation TORCH? [Do not exceed one-half of a typed, double-spaced page.]"

Essay on Operation Art and Design Questions Assignment

The military end state for the Operation TORCH is to accomplish the ultimate and intermediate objectives. First the military is to establish mutually and firmly supported lodgments in the Casablanca to achieve a continued intensification of the grounded operations. The end state is also to carry out a rapid exploitation from lodgments to acquire a complete control of the stipulated areas that include Algeria, French Morocco and Tunisia to facilitate the ground military operation as well as creating favorable conditions for offensive operations through Libya against the Axis Forces. The military end state is also to annihilate the Axis forces completely. The military will also implement assault against Mediterranean Coast of Algeria for the earliest occupation of Tunisia and establish striking force at Morocco that can control the GIBRALTAR, and move into Spanish Morocco. The military end state is also to secure the Port of ORAN near the TAFAROUI and LA SENIA. The military will use aggregate assault forces to secure airdromes and Port of ALGIERS at HUSSEIN DEY and MAISON BLANCHE. The military will also use assault force to secure the airdrome and Port of BONE near DOZZERVILLE.

However, the establishment of military bases in the Algeria still pose the administrative problems, thus, there is a need to carry out the re-examination of the basis to carry out the maintenance to achieve the military end state. More importantly, the military end state was to resist the French Forces and gain ground in Tunisia ahead of the Axis Forces. If the Spanish army tried an assault, the communication for the operation may be in jeopardy. Thus, the chance of success depends on the reaction of North Africa and political attitudes which are strictly military factors.

5. "Centers of Gravity (COG) are linked to objectives that achieve the military end state. COGs can be derived from ends, ways, and means analysis and have associated critical factors -- critical capabilities, critical requirements, and critical vulnerabilities. You will identify the Allied Center of Gravity for Operation TORCH and its critical factors. [Do not exceed one typed, double-spaced page.]"

The identification of the M/NATO center of gravity is very critical in the TORCH operation. The poor weather condition can lead to a loss of tactical surprise, and limiting the escorts and make the convoy remaining at sea. Inability to prevent enemy's reinforcement can prevent the Allied forces reaching their end state since the prevention of the Axis reinforcement is very critical in achieving the Allied forces objectives. The deterioration of weather can prevent the Allied Forces reaching their end state because weather such as the strong wind can make Allied Forces stationing at the sea preventing the Air Force from launching their operations successfully because of foggy weather.

a. "What is the Allied main objective(s) at the operational level for TORCH? [Your answer should be one to five sentences.]"

The allied main objective is to completely annihilate the Axis forces by vigorously exploiting the lodgments to gain a complete control of the areas that include Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The allied forces also aimed to facilitate the ground and air operations against the enemy.

b. "Complete the quad chart below. Type your answers into the 4 text boxes; the text boxes will expand to fit your answer."

Allied forces need the critical resources such as transportation, crude oil and communication need to be protected.

A deterioration of weather can prevent the Allied Forces reaching their end state. Inability to prevent enemy's reinforcement is another Cog.

Completely annihilate the Axis forces

Defeat the Axis Forces

Weaken the Axis forces

Deplete the resources of Axis forces

Prevent the Axis reinforcement

Allied forces major critical capability is to defeat the enemy because this is the end state of the war. However, effective resources such as communication, transportation, crude oil and combatant forces are the essential requirement to achieve the end state. However, weather problem can prevent the Allied Forces achieving the end state. Thus, communication and transportation needs to be protected to assist the Allied Forces reaching their end state.

Effective communication and Crude oil for the transportation

Effective transportation system

Availability of weaponry

Ready combatant forces.

6. "How does the TORCH plan, at the Operational level, intend to attack the Theater Strategic-level enemy COG? Explain. [Do not exceed one-half of a typed, double-spaced page.]"

The TORCH plan is to use the aggregate Assault Forces that consists of Regimental Combat Teams, Assault Load and Light armored forces. The strategy is to use the simultaneous assaults at ALGIERS, ORAN, and BONE. The strategy is to secure the Port of ORAN, TAFAROUI and LA SENIA. Additionally, the Allied force will use the U.S. Regimental Combat Team to have a treat with French Authorities wishing to a collaborate.The Allied forces will also use the available troops such as American forces and British forces to attack the Strategic-level enemy COG. Moreover, the Allied forces will use the air force to protect the communication. The aviation will support the assaults of ALGIERS and ORAN. The Allied forces will seek for the assistance of the carrier-based fighters whose will be flown from GIBRALTAR. The bombers will come from the United Kingdom to secure the bases, and long ranged fighters will establish emergency reliefs in the United Kingdom in case GIBRALTAR is rendered untenable. The naval force will be used to support military force to achieve their objectives. The assault shipping will be used to attack the enemy. The air assault will also be used to capture airdromes with the intent to attack the Strategic-level enemy.

7. "A decisive point is a geographic place, specific key event, critical factor, or function that, when acted upon, allows commanders to gain a marked advantage over an adversary or contribute materially to achieving success (JP 5-0). Decisive points (DPs) help determine how to apply friendly critical capabilities (CCs) to exploit enemy critical vulnerabilities (CVs) or defend friendly centers of gravity (COGs). [Do not exceed one typed, double-spaced page.]"

Tunisia is the strategic location and the allied forces can secure the aerodromes and ports to build a strong air and land forces. The occupation of the Bizerta -- Tunis will assist in eliminating one-third of enemy strength.

a." List THREE decisive points (not necessarily the objectives) you identify as important to achieving TORCH's military end state [you answered military end state in question #4]".

Establish a firm and mutually lodgments in the Oranalgierstunis and Casablanca area to continue the intensification of sea, air, and ground operations.

To vigorous and acquire a complete control of French Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, and facilitating effective ground and air operations against the enemy in order to create favorable conditions for offensive operations towards Libya against the Axis Forces.

To completely annihilate the enemy forces, and

b. "Justify these decisive points by linking them to the CRs and CVs of the operational or theater level COGs."

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