Operation of Casino Resort Hotels Differs Essay

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¶ … operation of casino resort hotels differs from the operation of traditional full service business class hotels.

Hotel is derived from the French word hotel which means to host. Basically, a hotel provides paid accommodation for which one pays for on a short-term basis. A casino resort hotel is a specialized hotel which provides lodging services also has a large room or rooms used for table wagering games and gambling activities such as game betting and slot machines. The hotels also offer entertainment and include conference and convention facilities. Recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts are also provided. Casino resort hotels are basically designed to be luxury hotels for the high end vacationers, and they are designed to encourage their revelers to combine business with the art of pleasure. Some of these casino resorts are seasonal since visitors majorly flock them during certain times of the year, for example, during the months of summer.

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Traditional full service hotels are business class hotels which provide lodging services connected with a full service restaurant. Some of the amenities provided in their rooms are a bed, a small table, a cupboard, a washstand, and some, depending on the number of stars the hotel has, may offer other amenities such as ensuite bathrooms, alarm clocks, a television, a telephone, a mini-bar from which the individual can get foods and drinks to snack on, air conditioning and tea and coffee makers. Some hotels may also offer luxurious facilities such as Jacuzzi, spas, bathrobes with slippers and slip-on shoes, dual sinks and pillow menus. Some hotels, which are larger, may even have swimming pools, conference facilities, fitness centers, day care for children, among other social amenities.

TOPIC: Essay on Operation of Casino Resort Hotels Differs From Assignment

Traditional full service hotels are more expensive than the casino resort hotels. For example, on normal days, the prices of The Bellagio Las Vegas range… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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