Operation Service Management Data Analysis Chapter

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Operation Service

There are several primary concerns in this case that require Maria's attention, and the end goal of developing a more effective policy and system for reserving or renting the palapas to hotel guests (or simply letting guests wander up and occupy palapas without any hotel involvement) is only one of them. A definite problem in balancing revenue maximization with customer satisfaction is apparent, but there are other problems that are only semi-related as well as even deeper organizational issues that exacerbate the palapas problems. First, there is a lack of true operational understanding and planning when it comes to any of the palapa reservation/rental techniques, without any staffing changes to accommodate the repeated changes in policy -- no real training, apparently, and certainly no designation of a specific person or team charged with handling the palapa issue. That the people distributing towels are now also responsible for reservation and rental systems and for dealing with customer complaints regarding these policies and systems is wholly inadequate, and whatever method is selected as a way forward must include an actual change in the way service is provided at the staff level, and not merely as a new top-down policy change given as a set of instructions but not discussed or explained.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Data Analysis Chapter on Operation Service Management Assignment

Other problems that need to be addressed include a lack of real assessment regarding profitability, and an issue with the overall customer orientation at the resort. Developing real figures based on the various pricing levels of the palapas is needed in order to determine if a rental scheme is truly worthwhile. The resort also needs to accept the fact that it will not be able to make all of its guests happy all of the time, and thus there should be a consideration of the number and direction of complaints. People will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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