Operations Management and Supply Chain Case Study

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Another issue is the fact that X-Opoly does not have an efficient assembly plan. The assembly plan within the organization was not planned formally and well. The reason behind this is the fact that the organization went through an explosive growth which was not expected initially. This means that the founders were not ready or had not put up a clear plan on how they would handle any growth that could take place (Zigiaris, 2010).

The facts affecting sustainability of X-Opoly

The entire process of ordering new games is quite a long one, an involving process in different departments and requires a lot of time. This coupled with another long assembly line are the factors that affect or stir up these key issues on brand sustainability. The 19 stations are too many for the assembly process. If only the assembly process could have been properly planned then the entire assembly process would be made easier and faster. The other fact that affects the issues in the case study is the lack of a specific type of game that the organization makes (Slack, Chambers & Johnston, 2010). This leads to taking long when coming up with new games and hence slows down the entire production and delivering of orders. This is because if clients want complex designs it means that the entire process will take long and hence the organization might not be able to meet the needs of their clients effectively.

Tentative solution

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The organization requires a solution that will help them deal with the explosive growth and satisfy their clients. First of all the first solution would be making adjustments on the assembly process. All these 19 stations are not all required. There are some processes that can be combined within one station. This will help in ensuring that the products do not go through so many stations. Another solution is trying to come up with one specific game and ensuring that it is properly marketed and people know about it. This will be the game people associate the organization with.


Case Study on Operations Management & Supply Chain Assignment

This can be implemented by writing a plan clearly showing how the assembly stations will be integrated without disrupting the assembly process. This plan ahs to be read and understood by all the parties involved in the assembly process so that they are familiar with the changes that are to be implemented.

Follow-up and contingency plans

A follow up is necessary in order to ensure that the plan is fully implemented. This can be done through routine checks that see if the changes which have been made are effective. Another plan has to be in place just incase the initial plan has not become successful. This will ensure that incase there is a failure in the process then there will be an alternative that is ready to be tried out.


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