Operations Management Essay

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4) Describe the categories of operational information systems and management information systems and provide business examples of their use

Operation information systems are used for more routine and daily tasks of a business. Although routine, these daily tasks are critical to the proper functioning of a business. Categories include:

Transaction processing systems- Transaction processing systems are systems that record and process data from operational transactions. A very common form of this system is used within the financial services industry to record debits and credits on checking or savings accounts.

Office Automation systems- This system is used primarily for administrative task that involve multiple stakeholder groups. The service industry, in particular relies heavily on office automation for video conferencing, and other firms of communication. Office automation is critical for the rapid exchange of pertinent information within any industry. Examples may include, a retail conference call outlining holiday sales initiatives.

Process control systems- Process control systems are important to manufacturing firms that need to increase efficiency and volumes by reducing error. Process control systems include many of the concepts mentioned above including FMS and CIM.

Management Information systems support tactical decisions that are often unique to a particular business or industry. Categories include:

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Decision Support Systems- These systems are used to help facilitate problem solving on company specific issues. This system relies heavily on models to help determine the best course of action for a company. Financial firms use this system to anticipate how changes in interest rates can impact their loan portfolios over time.

Information Reporting Systems- These systems are more specific as they provide information that can be used on daily basis to aid in the decision making process. An example would include daily sales figures for a particular retail product category.

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Executive Information Systems -- These systems include more of the high level information needed to form strategic initiative for the overall company. Information such as sales demographics can be used to determine where firm's customers are located and how to properly market to them.

5) Explain the relationships between the concepts of ecommerce and business

Both ecommerce and ebusiness are intertwined in regards to their overall relationship with one another. Ebusiness relies extensive of automating processes through the internet. Aspects such as human resources, marketing, and finance can now be conducted through "cloud" based infrastructure. Through use of the internet companies can now better market their products while also streamlining processes and eliminating bureaucracy. For example, customers can now pay for products online through services such as PayPal or Google Wallet.

Ebusiness ultimately helps facilitate ecommerce. By providing the proper security and infrastructure, customers are now able to purchase however and whenever they would like. The internet also provides information advantages for particular businesses, while creating issues for others. Aspects such as price can effortlessly be viewed by perspective customers. This allows the low cost producer to benefit at the expense of the inefficient operations.

Ecommerce is business that is conducted over the internet. Common forms include purchasing books or electronic merchandise online. By having the proper infrastructure, customers are now better able to facilitate their own purchasing decisions. Customers can now shop competitors simultaneously. They can be marketed to at a more intimate level as well.


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