Operations Strategy Supply Chain Management Thesis

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Supply Chain Management Proposal: Automation for Imperial Tobacco

Supply Chain Management is one of the single most dominant factors in the operational functionality of any retail product organization. The capacity of a company to transport and utilize its resource materials, to distribute its completed product to the multitude of outlets and to ensure that these products reach the proper consumer audiences all will contribute directly to the success with which an organization operates. For a tobacco company in particular, where produce movement is based on extremely high and fast volume for a relatively affordable product, its ability to satisfy the needs of its publics will be deeply tied into the effectiveness with which it harnesses and controls its global supply chain.

The proposal contained here below will be directly concerned with Supply Chain Management at Imperial Tobacco in Canada. The primary value to the organization of the research to be conducted hereafter will be its improvement of efficiency and technological soundness of its supply chain approach. The intent here will be to help find ways to reduce lag time between production, distribution and consumption through exploration of Information Technology-based solutions. In particular, it is the hope and intention of this study to ultimately deliver an assessment of the best prospective method for improvement supply chain management through the automation of inventory systems and ordering systems.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Operations Strategy Supply Chain Management Assignment

Specifically, the proposal calls first for a literature review which, drawing upon the concept of automated supply chain management, will seek out retail organizations that have already made the transition from traditional inventory and ordering systems to automated systems that respond directly to product stock and product availability. This will include retail organizations primarily. However, the literature review will also be directly concerned with the practices of tobacco companies who have successfully improved the terms of their supply chain. Through such companies, it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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