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[. . .] 5) Cultures cannot be copied by others not originated from that culture.

One of the easiest ways for immigrants to purchase their own franchises is the hotel/restaurant business. "The restaurant is the single largest employer of immigrants in the nation" (Jackson, 2002).

The hotel chains are the second largest employers of immigrants in the United States. 7)These businesses may be valuable opportunities for immigrants, but it is not the best working conditions for an employee. An immigrant who is just getting started in America may find that these employment conditions are an opportunity that he or she would not find in his or her country, but it is not the best working conditions in America. Because of the low pay and the low status of these jobs, many people do not know their basic human rights and are often taken advantage of. So while restaurants and hotels are a good starting point for immigrants and the learning conditions are usable, America offers much better economic opportunities for everyone.

Immigrants Rights in Jeopardy?

Since the September 11th attack, the United States congress is reconsidering the rights of immigrants in America.

A nation made great by immigration is now wary of foreigners on U.S. soil. The boundless optimism that defines America's character has been eclipsed by a new fear of shadowy enemies out to harm the U.S.A. The rugged individualism enshrined by the constitution has been tempered by the need for extraordinary government power to track down terrorist. The proud isolationism made possible by two vast oceans has been punctured by a sense of vulnerability" (N.A. 2002).

7) Since most hotels and restuarants are owned by immigrants, they basically run it on their original background, not realizing the laws that protect employees. In most other countries, employees are treated as slaves.

On September 11th, 2001, America was attacked by enemies that most Americans were unaware that existed. America has built its image on its acceptability to allow opportunities for immigrants to come in and make dreams a reality. One incident has the power to take away the hope of achieving "The American Dream."

In my opinion, too much focus is being placed on the ones who made the attack, and not the ones who have contributed to the greatness of this country. Everyone is aware that the ones, who flew the planes into the buildings in New York City, got their training in the U.S. military. A Native American could have very well made these attacks. Although there is absolutely no justification for this behavior, the United States government is always doing something stupid to make groups of people very angry. It is not always immigrants.

In reality, there are many laws and people who are overly concerned about being politically correct not to offend certain groups of people, which primarily include minorities. In many cases, white Americans rights get stepped on to avoid offending minorities. Minorities get funding, special privileges, and special rights that are not available to Caucasians. Programs that offer special funding to minorities were developed to ensure they would not be discriminated against. Sometimes immigrants who choose to live in America like the independent status that was mentioned earlier, but since most are family bound, the younger, American women who choose to stay single longer offend them. And American citizens and politicians have created situations that cater to family oriented lifestyles to suit family oriented cultures.

A talk show host once said, "Other countries hate America because they think we are all running around in bikini bathing suits like they do on Baywatch." Well those choices come with the freedom of living in a country like America. Quite frankly, the fact that one even considered other countries getting offended over this was offensive. Choosing ones marital status, which sometimes includes being single, is a choice that Americans have. I do not think this option should be frowned upon to be politically correct. Even with many laws and regulations protecting minorities, many are still claiming they are being discriminated against.

10) The unfair fact is that people are going to discriminate in one way or another. On the school ground, kids will laugh and tease any other child who is different, which often includes a minority race. If we lived in a perfect society, this behavior would be left on the grade school playground. Far too often the most reputable people representing well-known companies carry it over into adulthood, sometimes. When company officials discriminate, those who built a credible reputation are sometimes difficult to prove discrimination.

Caucasians sometimes will view themselves in a higher light and choose not to associate with people of another race. By the same measure, many immigrants are working for less then fair wages because employers are taking advantage of minorities. Sometimes teachers blame the minority child as unable to learn, instead of blaming his or her lack of teaching abilities. Many times immigrants feel their race is the reason they are discriminated against, and sometimes unfortunately it is true. On the other hand many similar incidences does happen to Caucasians. Equal rights are not automatic. Many high status people will size up a person economically, and will treat one according to his or her capability and probability of hiring an attorney. Many immigrants as well as people of other races must not allow others to take advantage of them, underpay them, push them out clubs, employment, and social groups.

10) No matter how a person dresses or the educational level, they will usually attempt to get by with whatever they feel they can get by with. People of this level are usually very deceiving. They put on a professional demeanor in the public eye.

Immigrants Rights Must not be Restricted:

To deny the rights of all immigrants because of a hand full of evil immigrants is depriving America of its status and image that it has built up all of these years. They are giving all of the rights and power to the wrong people. Bin Laden was not even an immigrant in this country, yet he is getting so much power. Innocent immigrants and Native Americans are being denied privileges and suffering job losses because of the fear that Bin Laden instilled in the American government.

All American citizens, that includes immigrants who became American citizens, were guaranteed equal rights and freedom that Native Americans have. This is literally what made America the number one nation. The United States congress is speaking of violating the constitution, allegedly to prevent the possibility of future terrorist attacks. Under cutting the immigrants rights will not cut the chances of terrorist attacks. Bin Laden, a non-immigrant, had no desire to become an immigrant of America could have cared less about the rights, or lack thereof, that we give to immigrants. He still would have attacked America. If immigrants rights are violated, one can be assured that violation of Americans rights are following shortly.

We were all guaranteed the constitutional rights and now the American government wants to change it. This is left up to ones personal opinion, but changing the amendments is not so much as protecting America from an attack as it is protecting the American corrupt government system from exposure. It may seem coincidental, but we are getting many more power hungry, corrupt politicians in office. This is being exposed and revealed to many more people because of the Internet.

In 1931, when the historian James Truslow Adams coined the phrase 'The American Dream' he captured something peculiarly American; belief in a society both open and dynamic, grounded in a commitment to individual opportunity and to a better life for each generation. In the American lexicon, as Frank Luvntz notes, opportunity is not just the chance for rapid social mobility, but has also to do with our entrenched belief in the concept of meritocracy. Americans are more likely than any other democracy to believe that people succeed because of actual individual talents, efforts and accomplishments rather than the social class into which they are born" (Sawhill and McMurrer, 2002).

The symbol 'The American Dream' is the entire American symbol of the nation. Regardless of what congress passes or deletes, American citizens have a right to disagree with and challenge the government authorities. Everyone is not going to allow a few elected officials take away the rights of America.


In my conclusion the rights of immigrants may be somewhat affected, but not entirely. The opportunities they came to America for will still be available to them. There will still be foundations, such as The Berkeley Foundation, that will continue to help immigrants obtain the necessary knowledge to apply their skills and training. Activist rights groups will still exist to protect the rights of immigrants and fight discrimination. No one really knows how to handle situations like this because we never had to deal with challenges like this before. On closing, America will continue to be… [END OF PREVIEW]

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