Oppression by the Law Essay

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Law as a Means of Oppression

Over the years, there have been trends observed across the globe where the laws passed in many law making bodies are geared towards or directed at suppressing the poor of that society. Despite the fact that the poor in these societies are the majority, the few rich people often use their influence over the law makers to ensure that laws that are passed are meant for the oppression of the poor of the concerned countries.

Law has often been used, not as a means of insuring that justice is served, but as a means of segregating and oppressing certain groups of people.

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Essay on Oppression by the Law Assignment

One of the apparent uses of the law in suppressing the poor people was strongly highlighted by Noam Chomsky in his various accounts of the use of law in making sure that the poor are under the control of the rich within the society. Chomsky indicates that the war on drugs that is criminal justice led in the contemporary society is immoral since it leads to violence, discrimination, destruction as well as crime with immense financial costs. Instead, Chomsky indicates that prevention as well as treatment need to be embraced as the best ways of reducing the harm that is caused by drugs (Count the Costs, 2011). Chomsky further points out the implementation of the George Bush led war on drugs" with the several conviction in Florida were all a wider part of causing fear among the population hence amassing obedience. He also points out that war on drugs was used by the rich of the American society to punish the democracy in Bolivia hence was not just but manipulated by the rich of the society. To further justify that law has been used as a tool of suppressing the poor, he points out the intentional targeting of the Hispanics and blacks in the implementation of this law against drugs, why not the rich white population. Fumigation was also allowed by the law about war on drugs and vats pieces of land were fumigated in the guise of targeting the drugs, yet this was a systemic displacement of the poor peasants who were to automatically move out of the land once the fumigation kills their cash crops and the food crops as well, an act of oppressing the poor to abandon their land. He also points out the drug war as an excuse that has been put in place by the rich American class to intervene or set foot into foreign land through military forces (On the Issues, 2014).

Dangerous populations

Often, the surveillance of the population especially at the border points has been largely associated with the civilized ways of ensuring implementation of counter terrorism measure and intensification of the security measures in the modern society. It is however apparent that the population surveillance has its origins from the colonial times where it was used to manage the civilian population that was considered to be composed of the dangerous populations. This is not a challenge experienced in the U.S.A. As the agencies survey the populations deemed dangerous but also in Israel to keep the Palestinian population within Israel in check, see how they operate with the ultimate end being population control (Zureik E., at.al, 2011). One common factor in these surveillances is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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