Org Behavior Organizational Behavior, Culture, Diversity, Communication Term Paper

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Org Behavior

Organizational behavior, culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness, efficiency, and learning

No person is an island, and the concept of 'organizational behavior' reflects the idea that individuals behave differently, when in different organizational contexts, then when they do when alone, outside of the organization. The idea of Organizational behavior also reflects the notion that different organizations, because of their hierarchical design and leadership, behave in different ways. Like the organs of a human body, an organization consists of a collection of people working together in specialized occupations, fulfilling many different functions, but all for a common purpose -- to produce goods, or, in my case, to provide information and services for my clients.

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To further the analogy of an organization as a kind of 'body' of diverse yet harmonious organs, all working together to stay alive, as best as possible, I would like to say that I am proud to be part of a healthy, functioning, and efficient organizational body. I like to think that the efficient behavior of my organization does not simply provide me with a place of employment and myself and my family with high quality of benefits, but also contributes to society. It does so through facilitating cultural exchange, education, and improving health care knowledge and access. It is truly an organization that learns from the international environment and facilitates learning amongst others, throughout the world.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Org Behavior Organizational Behavior, Culture, Diversity, Communication, Assignment

A work for an International Credentials Services as a Credential Specialist. The International Credentials Services promotes quality health care for the public by certifying international medical graduates for entry into U.S. graduate medical education, and by participating in the evaluation and certification of other physicians and health care professionals. Working for this organization has proved a personal education for me in world affairs and health care, as well as facilitated the education of those students whom I serve. The diversity of my organization's mission undeniably affects the behavior of all individuals who work at my place of employment. All employees, including myself, must be tolerant of a wide range of cultural diversity and peoples and the different bureaucracies of different governments. We must also be well versed in America's own bureaucratic peculiarities regarding health care and education and understand America's difference in a global rather than a merely national context.

Cross-cultural, communication is key to my work. I am in constant contact with individuals from all around the world with different levels of fluency and familiarity with my home country. One cannot enter into a dialogue with someone from another country, assuming that the individual knows what one knows, or even speaks with the same slang and language as one is accustomed to speak with one's friends and colleagues. As I strive to better communicate with those outside the organization, this spills over into more reasoned, effective, and careful communication with those who are a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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