Org Structure A. The Organization Thesis

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Org Structure a. The organization I have chosen is FedEx. The shipping and logistics conglomerate operates a bureaucratic structure based along several different service lines (Reuters, 2008). Within each service line, there are different geographical units. So the flagship FedEx Express company operates FedEx Express Canada, FedEx Express China, etc. Each of these national units is then broken down by function (FedEx, 2008). The different functions get some operational guidance from the company headquarters, but they do not receive guidance from the conglomerate level.

Exhibit a: FedEx Org Chart

Exhibit B: FedEx Express Org Chart

Within the different functional units, the functions themselves are broken down into their constituent parts. For example, Ground Operations breaks down different functions that are run by different managers.

Exhibit C: FedEx Express: Ground Operations Org Chart

Thus we can see that within each unit, the tasks are broken down and then separated out by geography. A second geographical breakdown is then required for each district in the area. Other functions within Ground Ops do not generally have this last level of breakdown, as they are handled on a more regional level.

When compared with other organizational structures we can see the differences. For example a matrix structure would have more inter-company linkages.

Exhibit D: Theoretical Matrix Structure for FedEx Corp.

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The matrix structure therefore would have different geographical regions and different functional groups together on equal levels of the hierarchy. They would work with one another to pursue business goals. The different companies would have a head office in Memphis that coordinates activities with different geographic head offices. The current FedEx structure has some of the same elements - each of these units exists. The major difference is in the nature of the hierarchy. Geographic regions are subordinated to the different functional companies. Additionally, there is no "USA" head office that coordinates between the different functional entities.

TOPIC: Thesis on Org Structure A. The Organization I Have Assignment

Another structure is a geographic structure, which would entirely subordinate the operating units to a central geographic head office. Exhibit E. illustrates this look:

Exhibit E: Theoretical Geographic Structure for FedEx Corp.

This setup places each regional interests ahead of the different operating companies. The companies still exist but they are not operated from one central head office, but rather a series of national head offices.

b. The different functions have impact the organizational structure of FedEx at the operating company level. Each function serves to support the overall operating… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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