Organization Behavior Business Ethics Essay

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Business ethics may be different when they are discussed for the home country as compared to a foreign country. For example, an organization may utilize the abundant natural resources in its home country without any restrictions. But on the other hand when it enters the new market, it may be totally restricted to consume those natural resources due to their scarcity. If the organization respects the society values, it will avoid using those resources. But if it ignores their high level of scarcity, it will be against the Business ethics in that foreign market.

A similar practice is to dump the industrial waste into the sea. Governments of some countries allow the business corporations to dump their waste material into nearby seas. But these corporations must realize that this permission is not given by the government of every country. They must carefully analyze the business environment, the behavior of government towards business organizations, and its concern for environmental protection in the country before entering into that country for business purposes.


Business organizations are supposed to follow the business ethics and respect the social and moral norms of the society in which they conduct their business. However, some organizations ignore these norms by adopting such profit-maximization techniques and behaviors that are illegal and unacceptable in the eyes of their Society and the Law.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Organization Behavior Business Ethics in Assignment

Based on the arguments presented in this paper in support of the business ethics principles, it can be concluded that business organizations must be strictly constrained with the social norms of a society so that they do not spoil these norms and values. Those who ignore these norms and keep their business running against them, have to bear heavy losses due to boycotts, criticism, and a stained public image. In order to survive in the industry competitively, ensure a sustainable future, and win the stakeholders' confidence, business organizations should not use any profit-maximization techniques or behaviors that may be unacceptable or illegal in the eyes of the society. They should keep their operations running within the set ethical limits and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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