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[. . .] All these financial and non-financial packages are offered to motivate and retain the existing employees and attract the best talent from the industry in both fresh and experienced employee categories.

Training and Development:

Wal-Mart also provides extensive training to its newly recruited and existing employees. The new employees undergo an orientation session where they learn the organizational cultural values, mission, and corporate goals. After this orientation, they are trained by their respective departments according to the kind of training each individual needs before joining the organization. In addition to these initial training sessions, the existing employees also participate in regular training and development sessions on periodical basis. These sessions effectively develop advanced knowledge and skills in each employee so that he may perform his duties in a more effective and efficient fashion (Wal-Mart 2012).

Interview Practices at Wal-Mart:

In order to fill vacant job positions in different departments, Wal-Mart invites open applications from the interested candidates. Once all applications are received, the company's HR department screens the candidates according to its selection criteria. After initial screening, the candidates are interviewed by the HR Committee in different formats and methods. In addition to traditional interviewing methods where candidates were called to appear at the Company's office for interview on a particular date and time, Wal-Mart also uses some advanced interviewing techniques in order to make the whole process more efficient and effective. Virtual interviewing technique is one of these advanced methods (Lorenz 2011).

Virtual Interviewing technique:

Unlike traditional methods of interviews, a virtual interview is purely conducted online. That is, the candidate does not require appearing for the interview at some place. Rather, the company can interview him while he is sitting at his home. This is a live interview in which the candidate has to respond to the questions put by the HR Committee in the same fashion as traditional interviews are conducted. The purpose of virtual interviewing is to save the time of both the parties; the interviewer and the candidates. In these live interviews, the company asks the candidates to get connected online at a specified time on a particular date. Besides the greatest benefit of saving time of both the parties, this method also saves the costs of administration which are among the major costs in the recruitment and selection process (Lorenz 2011). It is also called two-way interviewing technique.

One-way Interviews:

In contrast to the two way or live interviews, the one way interview allows the candidates to take the interview or online test whenever they are free. It means there are no time restrictions for the candidates. Wal-Mart sends the questionnaire to all the candidates in the interview list and gives them a specific time period within which they have to submit their responses. Wal-Mart does not require them to install any program to open the questionnaire or connect to some online portal. The questionnaire is either sent on the email address of the candidate or posted on the company's own website where the candidate can log in and fill the questionnaire.

Cultural Diversity Management:

Wal-Mart has business operations all over the world. It makes the recruitment of its employees from both local and international markets. In its new international assignments, Wal-Mart invites candidates from local markets, parent country, and bordering third countries. Therefore, the company has a workforce which consists of members from different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, races, and religions. These organizational members collectively make a culturally dispersed workforce. Wal-Mart has instituted effective Cultural Diversity management practices at its workplace. It provides these organizational members a strong organizational culture where they work with their coworkers who have quite different values, beliefs, and thoughts. This strong organizational culture is built through mutual sharing, efforts, and dedication of all the organizational members. Wal-Mart believes that the success of its worldwide operations is the result of mutual efforts and contributions of all the organizational members from different regions of the world.

Equal Employment Opportunities:

Equal employment opportunity refers to the degree to which an organization gives equal importance to the candidates of all genders, races, cultures, nationalities, and religious backgrounds. In its career portal, Wal-Mart invites interested people to join it from any region or country without any condition or restrictions. Being a socially responsible corporate entity, Wal-Mart has to show an equal concern for the society members irrespective of their genders, cultural backgrounds, or religious values.

The other side of the picture: Wal-Mart Industrial Relations issues and problems:

Wal-Mart claims to be providing attractive salaries and compensation packages, fair working environment and potential opportunities for professional growth to its employees; but the company has faced severe criticism related to its employment relations. This criticism gave birth to some critical issues and problems for the company. Some examples and incidences for Wal-Mart's employment relations issues are now discussed below in detail:

Reasonable Accommodation Policies:

Wal-Mart has very strict accommodation policies for its employees. These accommodations are provided with a strict condition that the accommodation will not have an impact on the normal day-to-day business operations (Homans 2012). The company's policy also restricts its employees from doing any temporary alternative job during this accommodation period. Wal-Mart has faced severe criticism and heavy imbursements from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) after various cases against gender discrimination, violation of Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and age discrimination in the case of a 61-year-old man (Celentino 2012).

Violation of Pregnancy Discrimination Act:

A recent issue which badly hampered the company's image as a socially responsible business entity was the case of a lady overnight stocker at Wal-Mart store, Svetlana Arizanovska. She filed a case against Wal-Mart that it did not provide her accommodation when she was experiencing pregnancy complications. The only thing which Wal-Mart did for her was her job rotation on a similar job position. As a result, Svetlana Arizanovska experienced miscarriage of baby twice while her employment services at Wal-Mart. The company did not provide her proper accommodation and refused to give her pregnancy leaves even after she showed the medical prescription from her doctor. This was a critical bad mark on the company's image which the international media and general public put after this behavior of the company (Hinshaw & Culbertson 2012).

Sexual harassment policies and procedures:

Sexual harassment refers to the troubles which female or male employees face due to the unfair and uncomfortable behavior of their opposite gender supervisors and co-workers. This behavior leads to dissatisfaction of employees which is harmful for the organization as well as for the employees. In 2011, Wal-Mart faced a sexual harassment case which happened at its Sam's Club store in Puerto Rico. One of the Sam's Club employees reported that he is being sexual harassed by his female supervisor. Wal-Mart had to answer for this complaint in front of the Federal appeals (Greenwald 2011).

National Organization for Women (2012) has also highlighted a number of cases in which Wal-Mart is convicted of doing sexual harassment and gender discrimination with its female employees. According to its recent researches, Wal-Mart is being convicted for sexual harassment and gender discrimination in wage rates, job promotions, work options, and working environment. According to the National Organization for Women, the wage rate which Wal-Mart offers to its female daily wage workers is low enough to cross the poverty line. Wal-Mart employs more than 1% of the total workforce in the United States (Wal-Mart 2012). Researchers and economists are of the view that Wal-Mart should rethink its industrial relations and human resource management policies in order to redevelop its image in the minds of its stakeholders.

Wal-Mart's Statement of Ethics:

Wal-Mart maintains a Statement of Ethics which states all the policies and procedures to be followed by its workforce. This statement is compulsory to be strictly followed by its employees from all the departments and offices without any discrimination or relaxation. The statement of Ethics entails the policies and procedures like computers and other equipments usage policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Public Dealings and relations Policy, Internet security policy, Anti-Sexual Harassment or Gender Discrimination policy, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy, Code of Ethics for the employees, Information Privacy Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy, etc. (Wal-Mart 2012).

Privacy/Computer Usages Policies:

As per the computer usage policy, the Wal-Mart employees are not allowed to use the office computer for personal tasks. They are strictly directed to ensure full protection of data from unauthorized access. The privacy policy for employees is also very strict at Wal-Mart. The employees are not allowed to share important information about the company and its employees or customers with third parties or individuals. There are some strict privacy measures which they have to follow in order to safeguard the company's informational resources from misusage. The company also directs them to use its website for communication with the key stakeholders only. They should not get involved in any such activity at the online platform which may hamper its image in the eyes of the society (Wal-Mart 2012).

Access to Online Information:

Employees can access, download, and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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