Organization Behavior Marketing Report for HP Pavilion Assessment

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Organization Behavior

Marketing Report for HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea 11.6" Silver Laptop

Marketing Report for HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea 11.6" Silver Laptop

To make its product or service brand successful in the market, every organization has to develop a complete set of marketing strategies before bringing that brand in the market (Kotler & Armstrong 2008). This paper proposes a comprehensive analysis of HP Pavilion laptop, its market analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing strategies and marketing mix.

HP has provided a lot of innovative products in the field of information technology and has launched a number of products meeting the people's demands, ranging from HP printers, photo smart scanners, digital cameras and laptops.

Marketing strategy tries to match firm's opportunities with the available resources and the objectives which management wants to achieve. Successful strategy starts when a smart manager spots an attractive market opportunity (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010). Breakthrough opportunities- opportunities that help innovators develop hard-to-copy marketing strategies that will be very profitable for a long time (Perreault & McCarthy 2002). Companies seek such breakthrough opportunities because there are always imitators present in the market and try to grab the innovator's market share by making replicas of the products. It's hard to provide superior quality products when the chances of copying the product are greater and the product mix can be imitated by the competitors easily (Kahn & Griffin 2007).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Assessment on Organization Behavior Marketing Report for HP Pavilion Assignment

Firms have their strengths and weaknesses which are duly identified by all organizations so as to maximize profits on the strengths and try to overcome the weaknesses. A major strength that every organization holds is the competitive advantage. Competitive advantage means that a firm has marketing mix that the target market sees as better than a competitor's marketing mix (Sirgy 1982). Firms have to analyze the environment in which they operate and identify the opportunities and threats which will help them to exploit the opportunities available in the market and also to safeguard the firm from existing or probable threats.


HP -- established in 1939, has become one of the top market leaders in manufacturing laptops, printers, software and other technological products. HP is one of the world's leaders of products, services and solutions in IT area (HP 2011). HP has always shown the professional administration and management together with satisfying customers in order to improve the company brand awareness. HP has achieved the position in the market with continued market research to identify consumers' preferences and buying power (Dean & Tam 2005).

HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea is one of the latest laptops in the refurbished laptop series currently being offered by HP (Dixons 2011). The following sections explain the environmental analysis and marketing strategies for this HP laptop in the light of modern marketing management theories and concepts and propose a set of recommendations on how HP can improve its marketing strategies and be the most competitive organization in the laptop industry.

Corporate Values at HP that support its Marketing Objectives and Strategies for its Pavilion dm1-3101ea Laptop:

Passion for Customers: HP puts its customers first in everything it does.

Trust and Respect for Individuals: At HP all the employees work together to create an atmosphere of trust, respect and dignity for all.

Achievements and Contribution: The work of each individual is contributory towards HP's success (HP 2011).

Results through Teamwork: At HP, the work is done through collaboration which explores new avenues and enables the employees to serve the customers in the most efficient way.

Speed and Agility: HP has the resources and is powerful in achieving results better than its competitors.

Customer Loyalty: HP earns customer loyalty and respect by consistently providing the highest quality and value.

Market Leadership: HP leads in its market by developing and delivering useful and innovative products, services and solutions (HP 2011).


External Environment Analysis for HP Pavilion Laptop in the light of International Marketing Management Theories and Concepts:

While analyzing the market for its Laptop, HP considers the type of environment which exists for this particular type of product. The external environment for HP Pavilion Laptop exists in two forms; micro environment and macro environment. These are discussed in the following sections.

Micro Environment:

Micro environment includes consumers, competitors and marketing intermediaries.


In this highly competitive business environment, the digital technology is growing significantly and the demand for using computers and laptops is increasing all over the world. By having high quality and professional products such as Pavilion laptops together with extra customer services both before and after purchase, HP satisfies every kind of customer it deals with all over the world (Kotler & Armstrong 2008).


There is a strong competition against HP laptops from other Technological Giants like IBM, Acer, Toshiba, Apple, Sony, etc. These companies are regarded as the strongest competitors of HP. IBM offers ThinkPad that is widely used by businessmen and professionals. On the other hand, Sony Vivo is famous for light and magnificent design, which is comfortable and portable device. Apple with is extraordinary fast and innovative laptops is also a big competitor for HP Pavilion laptop. The giant like Apple has always been a great threat to so many organizations dealing in the information technology industry (Dean & Tam 2005).

Marketing Intermediaries:

HP, while entering into the world markets has opened various incarnations and retail shops to sell its products and provide customer services. On the micro level, the company has to focus on its consumers, the existing and probable competition, and the marketing intermediaries. The micro environment is controllable for HP as all the factors can be altered or modified as per the firm's requirements and business advancement levels. On the other hand, the macro environment is uncontrollable since the factors are related to the governmental policies and structures (HP 2011).

Macro Environment:

The macro environment of HP consists of demographic variables, economics, politics, technology and cultural variables. The macro environment focuses on the firm's standing with respect to other companies and all the rules and regulations of the country it operates in or wishes to do business in. When a firm wishes to enter foreign markets, it explores the macro environment to conduct an analysis on the business opportunities available in that market and the threats associated with the business possibilities in that new market. Macro environment places the firm at a broader canvas to learn about competition and business structure (Kotler & Armstrong 2008).

The factors in macro environment are discussed below:


The number of people that use laptops has been increasing all over the world. The major uses include; education, business transactions, entertainment, communication, etc. The world has become digitized and all the transactions are performed electronically due to the speed and convenience of doing businesses. Along with businesses, education has also become very much electronic with the incorporation of computer studies and distant learning programs. HP has captured the market of every age group and is doing a successful business while dealing with all these customers (HP 2011). The features included in the HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea laptop are the need of today's young and elderly population. This is the reason why it is widely accepted all over the world.


Economic environment is one of the most important factors which possibly affect the profits HP is making in any country or market. HP targets all those market where it anticipates that it will get a good response from the users for its Pavilion Laptop. As the laptop is expensive, it is not able to capture the market share as people prefer purchasing the competitive product at reasonable prices. The buying powers of customers vary with the level of wealth they possess; as for example, the urban population is typically richer than the rural counterparts in any country. All these economic factors affect the business operations and companies must take into account the areas which are best suited for their product's sale. Moreover, exchange rates and industry conditions also affect the HP sales. As per the recent studies, HP took major impacts from the day by day worsening conditions of some developing countries (HP 2011).


The political conditions and regulations of countries impose different restrictions on the companies that wish to do business in those countries. The sale of HP laptops is also affected by the imposition of custom duties on import of laptops by the retailers. This cost is charged from the customers; thus makes the laptop more expensive for them. That is, imposition of taxes and import duties makes the product expensive for the customer and also less profitable for the firm selling it. Conversely, when the governments make some relaxation in import duties and taxes, the product become cheaper for the customer and more profitable for the firm selling it. With less strict import regulations and positive government behavior, HP takes positive impacts on the sale of its Pavilion laptop (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson 2007).


Technological advances over the past decade; such as increased processing power with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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