Organization Behavior Strategic Management Essay

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Stronger are the values, stronger is the organizational culture (Robbins & Coulter, 2006). Development of a good organizational culture is the shared responsibility of each and every organizational member; from the Chief Executive Officer to the peon of the organization (Saxena, 2009).

At McDonald, there exists a strong organizational culture in which employees commonly use phrases and sentences which are not observed in other organizations. McDonald's is special in terms of employees' common values and emotions which they express at the workplace and work like a family.


An effective communication system among employees and their managers is essential in performing the job duties and tasks efficiently and in a well organized way (Haile 2002). If there is a lack of effective communication, it may result in wastage of organizational resources, coordination problems, repetitiveness of work, and extra human efforts (Holden 2002).

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McDonald's ensures that its employees work under a very good communication system. At the workplace, all the employees stay always connected with each other through telephones and internet. They share information, support coworkers and coordinate their work so that all the work is done according to the set targets and within the allocated time span. Managers also take part in improving the communication skills of their employees. They provide them training and arrange workshops so that they learn modern writing and communication techniques. Moreover, there is no difference in the communication system designed for male and female employees.

Essay on Organization Behavior Strategic Management of Assignment

According to the Employment Relations theory, employees should be involved in the decision making process because they can assist the managers in their decision making and the road map to achieve a particular objective. An employee better knows his working environment than the manager; so he can better tell the limitations and drawbacks in the current system and give recommendations to improve them. At McDonald's, managers assign same task to two or more employees so that it can be done more efficiently. However, it increases the salary costs of the organization.

Moreover, managers interact with all the employees in their departments to bring possible improvement in the business operations. Managers also increase the job responsibilities and give authority to some of the employees to get the work done in a more effective manner. They change the organizational structure, make teams and groups, and allocate more resources to any special department in view of achieving the assigned goals perfectly.


McDonald's Managers:

Managers are the most important part of an organization as they are dedicated with a dual responsibility; achievement of the organizational goals as well as handling the employment relations issues. They don't just have to achieve the assigned targets but also ensure that they are achieved effectively and efficiently by using the least possible organizational resources.

To get the work from the employees in the best way, a manager must have strong interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills which he has to possess in directing, motivating, and leading the employees. At McDonald's, managers are equipped with excellent interpersonal skills in that they are always cooperative and friendly with their subordinates and are always ready to help them in their job related tasks and duties.

The McDonald's managers believe on a two way communication system between them and their employees. In this way, employees not just get direction from their managers, but also have a right to ask anything from them directly (Robbins, Judge, & Sanghi, 2007). It means there are no restrictions to meet managers, ask something, or give them feedback.

The managers at McDonald's have a symbolic style of management; they just have a control over the organization's internal environment and culture. But, there is a much larger environment outside the organization which is out of their control. Due to this exposure, their abilities are limited and they have to align the business operation according the external environment.

McDonald's managers use elements from both scientific and quantitative principles of management. Each employee is dedicated with the duties according to his skills and experience and he is expected to complete them on his own. However if the desired results are not achieved, corrective actions are taken to improve his performance level.

Leadership Skills:

Good leadership skills are the characteristics of successful managers. Leaders are responsible for keeping the whole team (the organizational members) directed towards the vision and mission statement of an organization (Janssens & Steyaert 2003). For this, they must keep them happy and satisfied with the organization. This satisfaction can only come if they also use motivational techniques and performance appraisals in addition to good financial packages.

Different leadership styles for different situations:

Managers can use different leadership styles depending upon the requirements of the organizational goals and the type of employees which are his subordinates or followers. At McDonald's, managers use directive leadership style when they have to direct the organizational members towards the organization's mission, targets, and the ways to achieve those targets. The Supportive leadership style is also used when managers cooperate and support their employees in performing job related tasks and duties. Similarly, they use participative leadership style to involve other managers in the decision making process (Holbeche 1999).

Handling with disagreements and disputes:

Disagreements also arise among managers or between managers and their subordinates. But sometimes these disagreements lead to a better decision making if both the parties listen to and handle the issues politely (Pathak 2011). At McDonald's, managers always show a friendly behavior towards their subordinates and resolve their conflicts in a very polite manner. They try to find the reasons for their conflicts, issues, or poor performance at the workplace and resolve them on immediate basis. They can arrange training, workshops, classes, and seminars to improve their job performance, and use performance appraisals to motivate them to perform better.


Even if a strategy is formulated and implemented perfectly, there is still a need to evaluate its performance and compare it with the set standards. If the results are not achieved as they were expected, managers are required to take corrective actions. This is called Controlling function of management. At McDonald's, control is done at all levels; even lower level employees are allowed to take control of the internal and external factors which may negatively affect their performance.

Sub-division of targets:

Moreover, managers have instituted a system by which employees' performance can be evaluated over time. They divide the bigger targets into small targets and assign them to individuals so that they can measure the performance of each employee. It also enables them to check performance at relatively earlier points and take corrective actions on timely basis. When managers run short of finance, they do not put this pressure on the employees; rather they expend the available finance with more care so as to get the maximum benefits from their limited amount of resources.

All the activities in the organization need to be controlled. It enables the managers to keep all the operations be performed efficiently and effectively. They should always set a standard, reaching which will show a good performance and any deviation will represents a poor performance. A performance deviation will become significant if it falls below the set standard, for example up to two levels down out of five.

Management Information System to secure Employee Data:

At McDonald's there is an effective Management information system instituted within the organization which organizes the employees, customers, and supply chain members' data at one place. It helps the employees to synchronize the new information with the present facts and figures as well as helps the managers to make better decisions than before (Gold, Thorpe, & Mumford 2010).

Managing Employees: Managers' leadership Role, Responsibilities, and Human Needs at McDonald's:

McDonald's has a very strong culture. All the employees have respect for their supervisors, managers, and co-workers. They all cooperate with each other and are always ready to help their subordinates. The organizational values, rules, regulations, and code of conduct are strictly adhered to. If any issues arise between the employees, managers resolve them in a very friendly manner.

Moreover, the managers possess strong leadership skills through which they effectively manage, guide, and motivate their employees. They ensure that this strong organizational culture never gets spoiled due to any unwanted incidence or event. Managers motivate the employees to subordinate their personal interests to the organizational interests.

Managers know that managing a diverse workforce is not an easy task and it can not be done in just one way. So they give special attention to each employee by knowing him more closely and making him learn the culture in his own way. No pressure is put on any employee regarding work performance, personal beliefs and values; all employees are independent in themselves.


At McDonald's, a widely recognized and successful management technique -- Management by Objectives (MBO)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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