Organization Management Organizational Management in the U.S Essay

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Organization Management

Organizational Management in the U.S. Army

One of the most essential functions that management performs in a given business or corporate entity is the organization of that business or entity. This includes such elements as determining and implementing the most efficient division of labor, a system that allows for the delegation of authority, decisions regarding the departmentation and/or integration of the various activities and offices within the entity, developing a span of control over the entities operations, and the coordination of all aspects of the business or entity towards a common goal, and with common values and practices (Erven 2009). Each of these areas of managerial organization is essential to the efficient and productive operation of the business or entity, though some outfits might require a focus on specific elements of the general organizational needs. The United States Army is one such organization.

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The delegation of authority and coordination of the various departments and resources at the U.S. Army's disposal is of paramount importance to the conducting of successful operations; though departmentation, division of labor, and a span of control are also highly important elements in the Army's organization, they are not focal points in the manner that delegation and coordination are. These concepts constitute the Army leadership's primary perspectives when making organizational choices, such as the allocation of resources. Specifically, the organization and allocation of human resources and available technological resources by the United States Army is marked by a conscious and purposeful obeisance to a strict chain of command, and to the coordination of efforts as dictated from an overall vantage point, with varying degrees of success in this organizational scheme.

TOPIC: Essay on Organization Management Organizational Management in the U.S. Assignment

The organization of human resources is carried out by Army management in a highly detailed manner. Schedules of deployment, evaluations and results, promotions, and an abundance of other information is made readily available to all Army personnel at any time, and is highly organized and tightly controlled (HRC 2010). Troop deployment timetables are analyzed and developed from a perspective of overall Army needs and individual soldiers' necessary leave times, both of which are under constant review. This makes for a highly structured deployment and organizational system that dictates precisely where human resources will be allocated, to what purposes, and the duration of that deployment (HRC 2010). Skill sets and abilities as well as job titles and rank are all taken into account in the human resource organization, as well, ensuring that the necessary human resources are maintained in every region and base in which the Army operates.

The high level of organization in the United States Army's deployment of its human resources is at once necessary and cumbersome. With an organization as large and as diversely engaged as the Army, a rigid system of organization is necessary in order for a big-picture view of the organizational scheme to be possible and manageable. At the same time, the number of variables that exist in the highly-organized schema lead to almost constant change, such that while the organization of human resources is always being optimized, it is never static and therefore never actually optimal in real time. The effective use of human resources will always be a major problem in organizations as large as the United States Army, however, and the rigid control of the system is the best strategic organization.

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