Organization Management the Walt Disney Essay

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Putting the future at hand and analyzing the outcomes and expectations, to mitigate the organization from tremendous losses and tarnished image (Barry, 2009).

Employees and customers are the major strengths of the organization, as the customers are the consumers of products and services, and employees are obliged to ensure customer satisfaction through efficient and quality service providing. The management therefore is not supposed to assume the potential of employees in growing the business, or killing it completely. Where there is a dire need for replacement of workers, due to inefficiency during work, then it is fair to demote and get better-qualified personnel to work towards the organizations goals.

Planning, leading, organizing and controlling (PLOC)

The mentioned elements are all related to the strategic management of the organization. Managers are expected to be leaders, good planners, organizers and in control. The entire managerial function, however, has six major fundamentals, planning, organizing, coordination, staffing, directing and control.

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At the planning stage, the process of setting out objectives is undertaken and the ways of attaining the objective is well set out. At the organizing stage, there is the formation of departments within the organization. That is where the formal organizational structures are drawn and well differentiated. At the coordination stage, the formal relation between different departments is agreed on, and the relevant communication channels are adopted. Staffing involves the processes of the human resource management recruiting the best and most qualified personnel for positions in the organizations. Directing is the process of leaders influencing the behavior of employees and it involves factors like motivation of the employees. Controlling is the assessing point to determine whether the performance of the organization is progressive or poor. The actual performance of the organization is compared to the standard performance expected.

Major challenges facing the company

TOPIC: Essay on Organization Management the Walt Disney Assignment

The major issue the organization (Disney) is suffering from includes high production costs, due to economic fluctuations. Meeting employee demand is also a main issue as demand for better pay rates and job retention is a disaster and causing nightmares for the company. The decision by Disney to retain the employees even if there was pressure and threat that explained the reduction of the customer was a commendable manner to make decisions. Good decisions are a ticket to best organizational performance (Forseter, 2002).


Adoption of the right procedures in management of organizations is what decides the fate of prosperity levels of the organization. Having great managers like Walt (Former manager, Disney) and Iger, the current C.E.O of Walt Disney Corporation, have practiced the necessary strategies that lead to sufficiency leadership, through fine decision-making processes.


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