Case Study: Organizational Analysis of Google

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[. . .] They offer a wide mixture of educational materials for its items through the web, with online courses, motion picture presentations and decently arranged and simple to read information on website pages. It is intriguing to note that the Google site itself has no adverts. They intend to make more acquisitions globally and locally to continue to add its items to each method of data interaction and communication. Recently, Google announced its consent to buy Double click for $4.1 billion in cash. They are also considering acquiring 'Simply Hired' to manage their MySpace work search software.

Evaluate the alternatives and solutions based on best practices in the industry through research

The improvement of browsers, databases and effective equipment for servers will continue to expand customer satisfaction of Google's search systems. These are the areas that might bottleneck speeds. Many of the browsers and database calculations producing alternate time and up-to-date issues might not be addressed fully or speedily. With the entire technology masters at Google and changes in the physical market of the internet modifying from phones to Wi-Fi and information space frameworks and access systems evolving, a facilitated modernization exertion might yield satisfactory advancements in speed, throughput, and security (Chia, 2009).

The market for telephones, TV, PCs, handheld gaming, and music continue to consolidation into one item. Since all the devices have computerized information, it is expected that they have to be organized and readily available. Research and improvement in these territories of innovation is wanted to be the business leader with proceeded online advertising technology implementation and usage. This is vital since most of the incomes are earned along these lines (Joiner, 2008). Innovators on the utilization of new technology could give them the capacity to present extra options to online marketers.

Maintaining a positive public reputation to buyers and customer support groups will administer a stable environment for the company's investors and representatives. Investments in solid advertising by showing concern for personal security will foster client acceptance and popularity. Many customers and investors will be ready to utilize or be interested with their services. This is possible assuming that the organization is also supporting the formulation of new security laws with limited effects on the present plan of action.

Procedures for real time facts, implementation systems, and reaction on web ads to their clients will give their clients trust and permit them to increase their advertising campaigns continually (Palmer, 2012). Investment and the development of the in-registration strategy will be favorable element for advertisers in future marketing initiatives and sales. Such an innovative idea enables marketers to get extra data about buyers utilizing a specific form of media. Its efforts to make free Wi-Fi and broadband web utilization accessible will stimulate expanded desire for products that can utilize it such as music, conferencing, and film (Palmer, 2012).

The market for teenagers and children is stretching. Many of those who have had computers their entire lives and MP3 music and mobile phones are the norm. This market will have many securities and regulations. The future of the clients will be secured in different markets (Joiner, 2008). In order to be an industry pioneer, Google could pick up a considerable measure of attention and client steadfastness. Numerous services that the company offers will be useful to the entire society as the market develops continue to grow significant computer skills.

The organization must be ahead of its competitors in establishing frameworks for success like improving employee morale and retention. Any local ties to the telecommunication business may be this introductory catch also as issues relating to shared use of internet. Besides, the situations of what could happen must be evaluated so the organization will be ready for future victories existing in an alternate environment than they presently have (Palmer, 2012). As software and hardware frameworks continue to develop and advance, numerous software algorithms are expected to progress into components of hardware.

Conclusions based on the research

Google will continue to advance its worldwide command of all parts of the internet, search, interactive media and telecommunications commercial ventures. As the commercial enterprises and the business sector choose what will happen with TVs, workstations, phones, gaming gadgets, musical supplies and information transmission, Google will be prepared on all fronts with the items and services needed for success. They will continue to upgrade news, mail, blogs, chatting, voice messages, web journals, forums and data sharing of any sort to seamless integration of the items and services.

The issues it will confront all appear to be originating from external sources of copyright issues, foreign government interventions, U.S. government regulation, security issues and global cultural issues. Provided that the corporate culture remains open and free streaming with solid associations with youth, decently versed Information Technology veterans in the industry and instructive assets, they ought not to have an issue with their expectations to the external planet and their client base. The span of the organization might in the end make it seem excessively effective and make it more troublesome to administer (Reed, 2012). The search engine organizations are in an alternate class than other commercial ventures. This is because the center business touches and controls a developing measure of individual data besides government information in the U.S.A. And globally. The new ground of space, control, and utilization of delicate or individual information over the web to other insecure outputs is becoming untrustworthy. It is more than a basic information base; a search motor that seemingly might turn into an apparatus of manmade intelligence is nothing to disregard.

Google will continue to address the security issues from all perspectives and be solid supporters of standards for security. The company will get to the base of all the copyright issues. They will address more social issues and continue to develop into the global neighborhood. These social issues are as paramount as security issues. The outcome of such actions shows that the client base needs to feel dedicated to them. In case they feel short-changed in any way, the company with suffer from such careless actions arising from the loss of business opportunities. Google's approach of making quick web administrations accessible to the public and further archival of client information is a cautions undertaking. The company must always work hard to bolster client confidence on the private data the harbor. It is interesting that recorded exploration will incredibly profit from the endeavors of a high technology organization.

Google must share and make accessible all pertinent information for any individual who wants it and without confinement or restriction. However, client privacy must be upheld at all times. To do this, they should continue to profit by making advertising more considerable and deserving of procurement to their clients (Newton, Long & Sievers, 2009). The security of information coupled with the potential of man-made intelligence along with global government interruptions requires extreme and close investigation. The company may have to join forces with its competitors to establish a common ground on the extent to which they should disclose information to government operatives.

Recommendations for the organizations leaders to consider

The following are Recommendations and alternatives for leaders of the company to consider:

I. Developing Google browser or closer and more collaboration with database organizations

II. Developing Google database software or associations with browser organizations

III. Developing server fittings and programming to precede innovative progressions and security for Google information frameworks (Fidoten, 2011).

IV. Continued R&D in Television, music, telephones, workstation, telecommunications and gaming

V. Developing of man-made applications and intelligence that might utilize this. Examination of what these frameworks can or can not do.

VI. Create search frameworks and items with interfaces designed for defined markets like children, physically challenged, or new users such as numerous senior subjects and rural foreign markets

VII. The company must analyze the anticipated outcomes of regulation and be ready for the possible scenarios arising from the same.

VIII. Hire a lobbyist or get more included politically to verify where the legislature at present has issues with Google and any of its practices

IX. Continue to promote and openly state that cookie information is removed after a certain period as present policies state (Reed, 2012).

X. Determine areas that continue to torment Google with law suits, such as security and copyright issues

XI. Become a watchdog organization for security issues that the U.S. And different governments wish to maltreat

XII. Emphasize security policies for advertising. Organization ought to be seen as a security rights leader that respects the people and their concerns while utilizing the web.

XIII. Becoming the de facto standard in administering the web advertising market by furnishing continuous data to online advertisers about current utilization of each ad

XIV. Evaluate Technology and continue to stay on the cutting edge of all new mixed media items

XV. Continue developing cutting-edge technology and attractive ways of making internet users pursue website registration for content



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