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Organizational Behavior

FaithHighway Inc.

FaithHighway Inc. is an organization that is half for profit and half for Christian service. The company is an evangelistic organization whose primary purpose is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, as well as to produce media products such as television commercials and custom production pieces. With this combined missions of the organization, and based from the behaviors within, it can be considered that FaithHighway is promoting and using all positive internal and external factors that are present to the organization while winning against negative factors that provide risk to the success of the organization.

FaithHighway Inc. has different internal and external forces that affect and influence behavior within the organization. Some internal factors that are included in such influences are the positive outlook of the organization to its missions and goals, and a number of positive and negative operation systems that the organization implements. For the external factors, on the other hand, competition against other organizations that provide similar services to clients lead FaithHighway to success because of their good provision of high quality evangelistic television commercials shot on similar high quality film.

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One of the most important and yet under-estimated positive internal factors at FaithHighway is the use of control clan as a practical management practice. In this practice, company culture, value and belief systems are being reinforced, thus impacting the organization behavior in a positive way. Because FaithHighway is a Christian organization, the nature of its Christian members and employees influences the behavior of the entire organization. That is, to have the mission and objective of serving God with all the good things that He wishes people to do, as well as to righteously serve the people. As indicated by FaithHighway,

FaithHighway is an evangelistic organization with its primary purpose to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus."

Term Paper on Organizational Behavior Faithhighway Inc. Faithhighway Inc. Is Assignment

Most if not all employees are Christians who share similar beliefs and values such as compassion, caring, commitment to each other and to the organization as a whole."

By maximizing the effective clan control, as well as by maintaining the values and religious belief that the people of FaithHighway owns, positively impacts the entire organization. Its people and employees even promote good camaraderie with each other by strategies like "away from the office activities" such as pizza outings, movies, and sporting events, which are either sponsored by FaithHighway or by the employees themselves.

One positive external force in FaithHighway, on the other hand, is the lack of competitive organizations that can match their expertise. Thus, FaithHighway is considered to control the market of evangelistic television commercials. However, despite of this, there is a disadvantage to the organization. That is, they will mostly be the only one to do the task of encouraging churches to use 21st century media as an evangelistic tool to market the church.

Another external factor that affects the behavior of FaithHighway is the continuous emergence of diverse technological tools. Currently, FaithHighway struggles in this area. It becomes a force that hinders the organization, internally, in maximizing productivity and profitability. Our company still uses paper in majority of their internal business dealings. Additionally our database, while effective, is still somewhat antiquated. The bureaucratic system in place to work clients through the system requires a file of paperwork that is then input into the database. Many companies that we have used to benchmark against our system, are moving towards a paperless office. We are looking at the possibility of changing to a new online database system where all client information would be entered in immediately into the computer, and this information could be entered from anywhere in the world via the Internet.


Save-A-Lot is a discount retail food store that has branches in almost 38 U.S. states. Some of which are corporate stores while some are franchised stores. There are several internal and external factors that affect the business operation of our company.

Included in the internal factors are the employees, corporate plans, ethics, and business operating procedures. On the other hand, included in the external factors are economy, weather, location, and people.

The biggest internal factor in Save-A-Lot are the employees. They are important to the company because they are the front lines that deal with our customers. Without the employees, Save-A-Lot will not be able to have customers who patronize the company and who return week after week for our service. If our employees were not so friendly and helpful, chances are we would see a decline in our sales.

Another internal factor that affects Save-A-Lot is the corporate plans. Save-A-Lot's corporate plans have propelled us into running for the #1 grocery store in America. We are now competing with Pathmark and Shop Rite. Our organization's good business plans and the continuous development of more ideas that can better our service to customers will keep Save-A-Lot climbing the ranks until we reach our goal. Once the goal is met, further good business plans can certainly keep our company on top.

Ethics and community values similarly play a big part in the success and failure of any company. Good ethics can make an organization be known and respected within a community, while unorthodox ethics can more than likely put one organization out of business. Save-A-Lot believes in this principle which is among the reasons why our organization can be considered an achiever. We believe in our people and strive to provide better services to the community. We hire from our communities and give every individual the opportunity to climb their way through our corporate ranks. Everyone in our organization is treated equally. An example of which is our CEO, Bill Moran, who likes to hear from his employees at store level and who likes to encourage them to call him with any concerns they might have. This open door policy ensures every employee has a voice.

Another internal factor affecting our organization is our business operation procedures. Every organization has a set of operating procedures in which they operate. An instance of which in our organization was when Save-A-Lot revamped their overall operating procedures over the last 10 years. Managers were given with more responsibilities in which they were made to be more accountable for cash losses, and overall shrink. This procedure has made Save-A-Lot more profitable and has allowed us to take a portion of our overall profits and reinvest in our people by giving bonuses and pay increases. It has also allowed us to recruit individuals from other organizations to make ours better.

The internal factors within Save-A-Lot are currently affecting us in a positive manner. However, if any one of these factors changes and becomes a problem, it could cause loss of revenue and possible store closings.

Several external factors in which we have little control also affect the behavior of our organization. One of which is the economy. Our economy has been on a decline for a few years resulting to tightening of many businesses' financial activities. However, the business that we are in at Save-A-Lot is discount retail foods, so we have been literally unscathed in the shrinking economy. In fact, we have been seeing a slight increase in shoppers who wish to save money and still feed their family. Location is another external factor that is a key to any businesses' success. It can make or break a business. Save-A-Lot locates their stores in the inner city because their main shoppers are people that are on public assistance and those people that are trying to stretch their dollars. Another factor that has become even more relevant over the last few of days is the weather pattern. Save-A-Lot has lost some stores located between New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama over the last 3 days. This will put a big dent into the overall profits for that region and for the company as a whole.

O'Connell High School

O'Connell High School is a Catholic secondary school that offers inexpensive but quality education. From its mission and objective of providing the secondary students with excellent preparation to college, the internal factors that affect the behavior of the organization can be seen apparent.

O'Connell High School's mission strives to form a community of education that can equal the other schools' mission to excellence. However, one difference and edge that it has from other schools that also provide quality education, and is also considered as one of the internal factors that affect the organization's behavior, is its low charge for tuition fees. This is among the top motivations to students why they patronize O'Connell High School. A great number of students believe in the organization as a good learning environment in preparation to their collegiate studies. In fact, the school indicates the following mission statement in their web site.

The mission of O'Connell High School is to provide secondary students of the Galveston Island/Mainland area a strong college preparatory education based on the values and principles of the Catholic faith. The school strives to form community… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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