Organizational Behavior Motivation Case Study

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Organizational Behavior, Motivation

Western Motels Case Study

The performance of human resources plays a very important role in the activity of any company, no matter the field of activity in which the company in case activates. The matter is even more important when applied to job positions that work directly with or for the company's customers. Such a job position is represented by motel maids. Western Motels is confronting with a situation that creates medium term and long-term problems regarding the human resources situation of the franchise.

Most employees have continuous requirements from their jobs and motel maids make no exception. It is obvious that motel maids are not satisfied with what they receive from their jobs, and this is more of a general situation, rather than a situation that applies particularly to some individuals only. People just do not want to be motel maids, except temporary, for rather short periods of time.

As a short-term solution, financial stimulation would probably be suitable in this case. On medium term and long-term, there are several aspects that must be addressed. These aspects will be discussed in the following pages.

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2. As mentioned above, this job does not represent something that people dream of when trying to figure what career path to follow. Therefore, HR managers must focus on determining why this happens and how the situation can be improved. It seems that the entire motel maid concept must be rebranded and reconfigured. People must be proud of being motel maids, this job must attract people into desiring to make a career in this line of work.

Most people consider motel maids as being simple servants, people of lower condition that do not deserve a great deal of respect. This approach must be changed in order to give personal identity and pride to this job. It is recommended that the term used for this job, maid respectively, is changed in order to change perspective.

Case Study on Organizational Behavior Motivation Assignment

As a consequence, the motel maid can become the room manager or the room assistant, for example. Also, they should be granted other responsibilities besides cleaning the room and making sure everything in the room is in order.

They should feel important for the management and for the well-functioning of the motel's activity. If they are granted more responsibilities that do not necessarily involve more time spent at work, but have more of an emotional satisfaction, they would feel more pride in doing their job. Such responsibilities include supervising certain aspects, collaborating directly with customers for satisfying their requests, and others.

Also, they should be promoted faster than they are now. They should be able to see that if doing their job right, they can advance in this career and maybe earn a management position in certain cases. Salary raises and bonuses are also important. If they are better paid, they would obviously feel better about doing their job.

In order to change perspective on this job position, motel and hotel managers should work with training companies, trainers, and other learning institutions for creating courses that would be intended to develop professional maids and to help them discover and develop the skills, abilities, and knowledge required for this job.

3. It is difficult to determine what style of leadership is best favorable in the case of each organization. Sometimes, a leader can implement different leadership styles, in accordance with the situation that the company is case is transiting in a certain period of time. There are several leadership styles that can be addressed: autocratic or authoritarian, participative or democratic, laissez-faire or free rein.

The autocratic leadership style would not be suitable for Western Motels. This is because this leadership style is a centralized one. Such leaders do not welcome initiatives, ideas, or suggestions from their employees. Such a work environment would only decrease the satisfaction that motel maids get from their jobs. This way, their importance would be significantly reduced.

Also, they would not be allowed to make decisions. They would that they are not trusted by their superiors. As a consequence, they will not feel very attached to this job, and would consider changing their career or at least their workplace. Such a leadership style would not allow for increased employee ployalty, but would increase employee turnover instead.

The laissez-faire or the free rein leadership style is more suitable that the autocratic one for Western Motels, but still presents a series of disadvantages in this situation. For example, in such cases it is not recommended to give too much free hand to employees. In the case of Western Motels, maids have not yet come to the modified status described above. This means that they are not fully qualified for making certain decisions.

Therefore, it is recommended that a participative or democratic leadership style is applied at Western Motels. This is because in such cases, the decision making process takes place at group level. The leader establishes the general directions to be followed, directions that are further adapted and applied by employees.

This way, motel maids can be involved in the decision taking process and can bring suggestions in matters that affect their work. The importance of their job would therefore increase, and so would the pride derived from this position.

4. Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation should be addressed in this case. However, given the situation, it is obvious that a greater emphasize on intrinsic motivation would be more efficient than extrinsic motivation. In other words, even if the salaries of motel maids would significantly increase and even if they would receive consistent bonuses, their job performance is unlikely to improve on medium term and long-term. And it would probably not improve employee loyalty either.

Instead, HR managers should focus on the intrinsic part of the motivational strategy. They must build conditions for motel maids to develop emotional adhesion to their job and to the company. The intrinsic motivation and the 16 basic desires theory can provide a useful guide in developing a motivational strategy for motel maids. The most important needs and desires that should mainly be addressed by the motivational strategy include honor and the need to be loyal to the values of the company, independence and the need for individuality, status and the need for social importance (Reiss, 2004).

There are many other needs and desires that are important to employees, but the above mentioned ones are not satisfied in the case of motel maids. The company in case should develop a series of values that the employees would personally feel attached to, which would increase employee retention and loyalty.

The need for individuality provides great motivation. This is because people want to be acknowledged for their achievements at the job. This is particularly applicable for jobs that do not necessarily encourage individualities, like motel maids.

The need for social importance and social status is experienced by most people. It is well-known the fact that motel maids are not granted too much social importance from customers and sometimes from their superiors. This situation determines them to feel the same about their job, to consider it is not that important and to treat in consequence.

5. The organizational culture influences the performance of employees and therefore the performance of the company in case. There are several types of organizational culture, like: academy culture, baseball team culture, club culture, fortress culture (McNamara, 2000).

In the case of Western Motels, the organizational culture seems to be weak one. The managers have failed to build a strong set of values that should be able to determine employees to be more loyal to the company and to think about building a career within this company.

6. There are several types of barriers that interfere with efficient communication. In this case, the communication problems seem to be related more to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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