Organizational Behavior: Motivation and Performance Management Research Paper

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In these networking groups, as Inskeep points out, employees share experiences and single out their individual weak points. This is critical as it is in identifying their individual weak points that employees can strategize on how to eliminate such weaknesses and improve their performance. In the end, the organization benefits by having a more efficient and motivated workforce.

Section 2

Dr. Peter Drucker's Statement: "You cannot motivate employees, employees must motivate themselves."

Meaning of the Statement in Regard to Motivation Theory

When it comes to employee motivation, the best results are achieved not by promising incentives or cracking the whip, but by taking deliberate steps to stimulate self-motivation on the part of employees. Self-motivation promotes not only self-confidence, but also composure and collectedness in employees as they seek to perform their various duties.

Some of the Methods that Could be Used to Promote Self-Motivation in the Workplace

Self-motivation in the workplace could be promoted in a number of ways. These include:

1. Roping-in Employees in Decision Making

Allowing employees to be part of the decision-making process promotes their commitment to organizational goals and enhances their self-esteem. Given that motivation is largely about will, as opposed to the application of specific techniques (i.e. offering of incentives), involving employees makes them feel as part and parcel of the organization -- thereby inspiring and stimulating their drive and enthusiasm.

2. Goal-Setting

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The performance of employees is likely to become better when goals are set and objectives clearly defined. Essentially, goal-setting not only spurs involvement, but also ensures that everybody is moving in the same direction. Goal-setting stimulates participation from employees, thus further enhancing their commitment to the achievement of the said goals and objectives.

3. Provision of Opportunities for Growth and Professional Enrichment

Research Paper on Organizational Behavior: Motivation and Performance Management Assignment

Employees who enjoy that which they engage in are likely to be more motivated than those that find tasks challenging or confusing. It is, therefore, important for the organization to not only provide in-house training for employees, but also encourage them to further enhance their professionalism by continuing their education.


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