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Apart from reason, a heterogeneous organization should also understand the culture and personality of each member of the organization in order to become effective in managing change.

8. The scarcity of resources alone would be ground enough for diagnostic information to be unavailable; thus, it is imperative that members have sufficient resources to work efficiently.

9. Evaluation in OD programs are needed because it takes into account external and internal forces that are vital to the implementation of intervention in the organization. However, it is important to note that OD program evaluations are also difficult to accomplish, simply because it tests an intervention program at its first level; thus, it is also important to create follow-up evaluations to check whether the evaluations are as effective as the interventions as well.

10. I remember resisting change when I first became acquainted with the Internet technology, especially online communications, such as chatting, e-mailing, and joining online groups with people whom I share my interests with. Initially, I resisted this new technology because I believed that the Internet is just hype, in the same way that television is so much hyped during its inception in the commercial market. The criticisms given to TV and other technologies convinced me that the Internet is just a fad just like the other technologies.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Of course, my resistance to this technological change was due to the fact that I have few friends who subsist to Internet technology as well. Thus, the lack influence from my social environment did not convince me to use and subscribe to the Internet. I felt no urgency to conform and use this new fad in computer technology. Apart from the weak social influence of my environment, my perceived compatibility with the Internet had discouraged me to use the Internet, since I simply cannot comprehend the fact that the Internet exists for mere socialization only (of course, these are my biased thoughts about the Internet when I was still skeptical about its usefulness to computer users (and even non-users)). After two years, when I felt it necessary for my work to use the Internet, I began accessing and subscribing to the Internet. My experience illustrates how changes in the social environment encouraged me to adapt to the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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