Organizational Behavior the Three Concepts I Found Term Paper

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Organizational Behavior

The three concepts I found to be of important significance were diversity (chapter two), motivation (chapter eight) and teamwork (chapter eleven). Diversity can be used to improve both the professional as well as the private life by understanding, embracing and making the most of the different features that define individuals. Its application at the workplace creates a more pleasant environment, where all workers feel safe rather than marginalized and discriminated against. In both professional and private life, embracing diversity generates a new means of gathering knowledge about techniques, cultures or customs.

Motivation can also be applied to both personal and professional lives. As such, within the professional life, motivation is the key to achieving the organizational goals. By motivating yourself and by presenting your colleagues and employees with the proper incentives, you will manage to unify the organizational goal with the individual goal of the workers, ensuring as such the company's success. In the personal life, motivation is the key to realizing ones' goals.

The application of teamwork can generate benefits on both private and professional levels. At work, the concept can be used as a means of better relating to colleagues, of sustaining team learning and of increasing productivity. In the private life, teamwork can be used to unite those friends who have common goals and aid them reach those goals together.

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2. Self-assessment is an extremely powerful tool to identify one's strengths and weaknesses. It helps the individual get a rather objective idea of his capabilities as it increases his awareness of both his fortes and shortcoming.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Organizational Behavior the Three Concepts I Found Assignment

To me, the self-assessment tasks revealed some features I wasn't aware of. For instance, it shuttered my misconception of being a quiet person. Other than that, the information retrieved from the self-assessments proved I was a strong and skilled person, despite my personal and underestimated beliefs. As such, the self-assessments made me realize my true worth and increased my self-confidence. And from now on, I will speak my mind and state my opinions without the fear of saying something wrong. This is a great step in the path to self-development.

3. My desire to obtain my degree at Davenport was primarily generated by family traditions. As most members of my family had studied at Yale, there was the self implied idea that I myself would follow Yale courses, at their Davenport residence. But as time went by, I discovered other reasons that alimented my desire to study at Davenport, needs that can be best explained throughout Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

At a rudimentary level, the basic motivation is that of registering an income with which to cover for my primary needs.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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