Organizational Behavior Within the Modern Business Term Paper

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Organizational Behavior

Within the modern business organization, there are many facets of behavior that are worthy of examining in order to improve effectiveness, employee satisfaction, and the like. This paper discusses several of those key areas.

Resistance to Change in Terms of Organizational Sources

Change is a common denominator in the growth and improvement of all organizations (Mills, 2003). Along with that change, invariably, comes varying degrees of resistance. Because of this, the organizational managers are faced with challenges to overcome the resistance (Weick & Quinn, 1999). Therefore, managers need to take positive action, such as the transformation of firms into learning organizations.

What Managers Can Do to Make Their Firms Learning Organizations

As was mentioned earlier, effective managers may need to make their firms learning organizations, and this has been proven by statistics which show that learning organizations are profitable organizations (Gilley, 2000). There are many ways that managers can achieve this; however, one of the most successful has proven to be to provide incentive to workers to learn new skills and tasks (Greenberg, 2003). When incentives are tied to learning, the gains can be massive. Of course, determining what should be learned also needs to be done by a process such as Action Research.

The Action Research Process

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As the study of Organizational Behavior evolved from a sort of science into a practical area where hands-on actions proved to be effective, the concept of Action Research took root (Cunningham, 1993). This process consists of five defined steps, identified and explained as follows (Tomal, 1999):

Initial diagnosis: The process must begin with some sort of an assessment of organizational effectiveness; of course, this would most likely be defined by the particular problems or business units being evaluated.

Data collection: In this stage, various activities can take place, including studying of records on hand, discussions with staff members and management, outside research, and the like.

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