Organizational Behavior Organizational Behaviour the Contemporaneous Business Term Paper

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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behaviour

The contemporaneous business community is being constantly marker by new features which generate change and force companies to develop along and adapt. One such change is the increased focus on the human resource, which is no longer seen as the force operating the machines, but has become the company's most valuable asset on their path to organizational success. Given this understanding of the staff, the company increases its efforts to offering a maximum satisfaction on the job and motivating employees. And to such extent has this motivational strategy been used, that some initial incentives are now a constant in the life of an employee, in the meaning that they are given, not expected and regarded as incentives. Such an example is the cultural diversity within numerous companies. It is also true that whereas some organizations have gone to extreme lengths to make a statement on diversity, others have done no effort.


ABC Aviation is a company activating in the airline industry, namely producing aircrafts. Recently, they signed the largest contract in the history of aviation and it states that the organization will manufacture helicopters for 15 NATO countries. The helicopters are highly superior to the precedent models and have various destinations and purposes, including the military forces, medical transports, police departments or reach and rescue missions.

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In order to be able to complete the terms of their contracts and deliver high quality helicopters within the specified amounts of time, the company must possess highly skilled, capable and devoted employees. But the staff at ABC Aviation is increasingly divided, do not share a common corporate culture, nor does the organization encourage their various expertise and background. Also, the management at ABC Aviation has been accused of not offering the minorities the same rights to promotion and growth. In other words, the company does not implement a diversity policy.

3. Diversity Management at ABC Aviation

Term Paper on Organizational Behavior Organizational Behaviour the Contemporaneous Business Assignment

ABC Aviation must resolve the internal issues related to the diversity of their personnel in order to retrieve the best possible results from the contract signed with the NATO countries. And to do this, they could implement a wide series of human resource strategies.

1. Cultural implications upon the company

However disregarded for decades, the cultural diversities and numerous backgrounds do indeed have an impact and make their presence felt at the workplace. The most relevant example in this sense is the misunderstanding of an individual's cultural background and as a consequence, treating him differently, even in a discriminatory manner. This not only reduces the minority's trust in themselves and the system at work, but generates tension at the workplace and prevents the staff from properly communicating and working together as a team. This will without a doubt have a negative impact on the company and will not support it in achieving its overall goal.

Another relevant example on how cultural diversity affects the workplace is given in a study by M. Rashid, M Sambasivan and a. Rahman. In the Influence of Organizational Culture on Attitudes toward Organizational Change, the three authors state that "different types of organizational culture have different levels of acceptance of attitudes toward organizational change" (Rashid, Sambasivan and Rahman). In other words, cultural background influences the type of individual we are, how we cope with decisions and how reticent or open we are to new things, including organizational change.

2. The role of managers in diversity

The managers at ABC Aviation play a vital role in the success of the organization and are directly responsible for the way in which the operations are being handled. In other words, they are also responsible for the embracing and promoting of diversity. To ensure a free from discrimination workplace, managers must implement open and transparent strategies and constantly communicate with all members of the personnel (Ayoko, 2007).

3. Multiculturalism in the business

Multiculturalism within the business community is extremely important as it can be seen as a global competitive advantage (further on discussed). However, to ensure the organization retrieves the beneficial outcomes, they must be sure to promote multiculturalism through all available channels, including the technological ones, such as e-mails, intranet or virtual teams and offices (Elmuti, 2001).

4. Diversity conflict

ABC Aviation is currently the target of a cultural dispute as minorities feel discriminated against; the conflict must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise the helicopter producer would find it impossible to honour its contract. The specialized literature offers no perfect recipe to resolving a cultural conflict, but the most important recommendation is for managers to create an "organizational cultural intensity and content (which would) have direct impact on intra-group conflict and moderate the relationship between group diversity and intra-group conflict" (Chuang, Church and Zikic, 2004).

5. Strong company

All the efforts made in the HR department to improve the quality of relations between employees and create cultural diversity are aimed at increasing ABC Aviation's strength. The company is already strong in the meaning that it managed to sign the largest deal in the history of aviation. This makes them strong as it reveals their high skills and capabilities, their reputation and trust given by the NATO officials.

6. Benefits of diversity

Diversity is beneficial within the workplace as it "increases the available pool of resources -- networks, perspectives, styles, knowledge, and insights -- that people can bring to bear on complex problems" (Thomas and Ely, 2001). Then, it creates a friendly and open-minded environment where employees can function as a whole and increase their performances to support the organization in reaching its goals (Aghazadeh, 2004)

7. Diversity as a global competitive advantage

Once the management at ABC Aviation has managed to integrate all employees into the corporate culture while in the same time valuing their diverse backgrounds, they can consider this as an international strength. To better explain, for a company activating in numerous countries, it is most important to have knowledge of the country's ways and traditions so to better integrate them into the final products. By getting this information from the employees within ABC Aviation, the organization will be able to customize and personalize the helicopters so to best meet the demands of each country (such as adaptation of helicopters for the countries which have more mountains or those which have more waters).

Another manner in which an increasingly diverse workforce is a global competitive advantage lays in the fact that cultural diversity and the acceptance and respect of all minorities is a favourable policy which makes the organization gain a favourable reputation. But in order for these strategies to work, they have to be implemented even before the individual becomes the employee. As such, they must commence in the recruiting and selection processes, continue throughout the "hiring, promoting and training practices" (Human Resource Management International Digest, 2002)

8. Motivation towards diversity

Just like with any other organizational factor desired by the company but reluctant to the staff, the management at ABC Aviation has to find several ways to make the employees see that the new policies are also for their personal benefit. In other words, they would have to align the individual goals of each employee to the overall goals of the organization (Estienne, 1997). But this strategy is not an easy one, and it would require quite some time for it to be properly implemented and retrieve the desired estimated goals. The managers would have to constantly communicate with the employees in order to let them know that what is good for the company is indirectly good for them; therefore the employees should increase their efforts to support the organization in reaching its goals, and through this they would help themselves. And at all times, the management must keep in mind the sensitive nature of the process and even implement diversity training programs (Robertson,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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