Essay: Organizational Behaviour This Report Focuses

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[. . .] These values determine to a great level how individual put their psychological energies into action. The outcomes of these can either be negative or positive (Dean, 2011). Further, they can advance beyond the group level and affect the relationship between different groups in organizations. The correlation between these values and those instituted at the corporate levels of the organization, to a large extent determine how operations are accomplished within the workplace and how goals are achieved within the same. In light of such group dynamics, managers within organizations are required to put into consideration certain factors in order to oversee and facilitate group performance. Different approaches can be used by management in achieving this end. These include actions like, the establishment of appropriate communication channels, the institution of workable and uniform principles across the organization and the establishment of diverse leadership skills just to mention but a few (Sniezek, 2007).

With reference to communication, managers ought to establish open communications channels across the organization. All individuals ought to be given room to communicate their complements, issues and suggestions across all the departments of the organization without any constraints. For instance, managers should not take it upon themselves to make decisions on behalf of the entire departments or organizations. Considering the fact that their subjects understand their needs more, providing them adequate room for communicating their views, say on what the organizational values ought to stipulate is imperative. The manager should in many instances take the part of a facilitator and thus work towards improving the processes which constraint the performance of his/her subordinates (Meglino & Ravlin, 1998). Maximising on the participation of the other employees and their contribution within the organization should become more of the focus of the managers.

As in the case of our organization where policies are not so strict and not uniform across departments, uniformity ought to be observed. Such would be able to solve instances of disagreements across groups, not only for our organization but also in other organizations. The uniformity in the policies used across department has the capacity of breeding discipline among individuals and department and thus enhancing harmony within the organization. As regarding the development of diverse leadership skills, managers within the organization ought to have diverse knowledge in the different aspects of leadership. This will enable them handle even the hardest of situations which need their leadership within the organization. Our organization for instance has embarked on training its junior and senior staff on cultural diversity and group communication techniques. This is one of the tools that the organization hopes to apply in managing conflicts among individuals and departments of the organization (Sniezek, 2007).


According to this discussion, organizational behaviours differ from one institution to another and are determined by different factors. The existence of organizational values and individual values to a large extent, determine organizational behavioural in addition to the performance of the organizations. The way the two factors correlate in organization determines how well or bad an organization performs. Additionally, group dynamics, whether within a group or across groups, are a factor of individual values. However, such issues can be put to check through the participation of managers in organization. Factors like uniformity in policies, open communication and acquisition of diverse leadership skills are among the solutions that can serve organizations when such issues occur.


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