Organizational Development and Change Essay

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¶ … organizational change and development in the military organization. Globalization and the advancements in the modern technology has had an impact on the organizational structures and processes which means that the organizations need to respond to these changes by making adjustments and changes in their organizational models.

Murrell Kenneth in "New Century Organization Development" has mentioned the core components of the organizational development. There are five core components: Community, Spirit, Wisdom, Work and Transformation. The first two components are related to the emotional aspects of the organization. The "Spirit" of the organization has a lot to do with the development of the organization because it is something that sets up the mood in the organization. "Community" is the component of organizational development which gives the organization a sense of belonging to the employees. (Murrell, 1999)

The next three components are related to the technical skills of the organization that are required for the organizational development. Wisdom is that core component that refers to the collective skills and technical abilities of an organization. "Work" refers to the working environment and the culture within the organization that decides the input and output of an organization. The last but the most important component in organizational development is "Transformation." Organizations need to transform and mould them into different forms according to the demands and needs of the business environment which is competitive and dynamic. Transformational organizations are the most successful organizations in the current business scenario.

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Military organization is a public sector organization that is considered as the model for management practices and organizational development. The structure of the armed forces as per the requirements of the state is set by the Military organization. Military organization is based on ad hoc structures. The form of organization is hierarchal. Formal ranks are used in the hierarchal structures of the military. The control and execution of the organization is often in the hands of the Government.

TOPIC: Essay on Organizational Development and Change Assignment

Military Organization has been applying the basic concepts of organizational change theories in order to remain competitive and competent. Military has been following a structured approach in order to implement the changes smoothly and successfully. The modern world possess many different kinds of challenges to the Public organizations, therefore it is necessary for such organizations to respond to the changing business environment by adapting to the changes in an innovative and creative manner.

Military organization has faced the most amounts of changes in the organization due to the technological advancements. The growth of technology has been tremendous and has made an impact on almost all the stages of organization in a military. The flow of information in an organization in the modern world is completely reliant on information systems and networking systems which requires… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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