Organizational Diagnosis of Palm Computing Capstone Project

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[. . .] These changes are thought to occur simultaneously within the dynamic organization." (Lewin, 1951) The weakness in this model is within the leadership that must execute in an environment based on uncertainty and essentially on the insight and vision of leadership. The quality of the environmental factor analysis is also critical, as this information must be as accurate as possible.

Tichy's Technical Political Cultural (TPC) Framework [8:]

Tichy's framework (Tichy, 1983) is essentially a change management process (Tichy, 1983) that organizes ordinal data including the "inputs, throughputs, and outputs" (Tichy, 1983). The categories where the input is drawn include the environment and the history, with a third category included as resources. Throughput variables are defined as the actuators or change drivers in the model. The identified change drivers include, "mission/strategy, tasks, prescribed networks, people, organizational processes, and emergent networks." (Tichy, 1983)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Capstone Project on Organizational Diagnosis of Palm Computing Assignment

Prominent to the functioning of the model is the mission/strategy variable, which inherently defines the purpose of the organization's existence. The tasks variable captures the technological aspect of the organization's approach to the work-flow process. The prescribed networks is the hierarchy of the organizational structure, essentially the chain-of-command as a function of the communication between departments and the relationship between departmental authorities and their reports. According to Tischy (1983), "The focal point of Tichy's model is the output variable, which he terms organizational effectiveness. Of course, the output is dependant upon the input and throughput variables. All of the variables, including the input and output categories, are considered to be interrelated in the model. While some variables have a strong impact on other variables, other variables have a weaker, or reciprocal, relationship on other variables." (Tischy, 1983) The weakness of this model is its complexity in operationalizing the political problems within the organization into variables to be measured. Additionally, the problems that arise with potential multicollinear data can make the model useless. A skilled management team must undertake the approach for the model to have any potential benefit.

Problems facing Palm Computing

Palm's relatively strong early performance would ironically not be the perceived harbinger of fortune that one would originally have predicted for the long-term success for the organization. Throughout the history of Palm, the organization has been bought and sold an inordinate number of times, which perceivably causes internal chaos and leaves a message of uncertainty to the investing and technologically savvy communities.

The consistent turnover of leadership within the organization left the company with an uncertain direction and a very uncertain future. A radical change to how Palm approached the market was needed, which would come mid decade, 2000. According to Niccolai & Gohring (2010) "Todd Bradley steps down as CEO of PalmOne and Ed Colligan takes over. PalmOne acquires the Palm brand name, paying PalmSource $30 million for its 55% share of the Palm Trademark Holding Company. 2009 -- Colligan, the last remaining funder of Palm, leaves the company. Jon Rubinstein, known for his role designing the iPod for Apple, becomes CEO. March -- 2010 Palm reports a loss for its most recent quarter of $22 million, and says its "recent underperformance has been very disappointing." Rumors surface that the company is up for sale." (Leadersphere, 2008)

The Best Model:

The optimal model for use is the Organizational Intelligence Model as it incorporates research methodology to isolate environmental variables as well as seeks to understand internal variables in an effort to operationalize these constructs into operational definitions. The other models do not address this methodology in such a detailed and direct manner. The quantitative and qualitative analysis is succinct and clear within this model, which is ostensibly a function of the earlier organizational diagnostic models.


The real issue with Palm is it has been mired in lacklustre leadership since its inception. Aside from the accolades bestowed onto its initial executive leadership, the organization has not been able to grow on its vision and initial line of breakthrough web communications products. A sign that the company is in deep trouble is the resignation of the last remaining executive that was a part of the founding team. The organizational diagnosis for Palm is focused around its mission, vision, and strategy.

The Organizational Intelligence Model is the recommended model to dissect the organizational model into stratified parts that can then be examined more intensely. The organizational resources are only functional when a clear and executable strategy is sought and is supported with sufficient capital from financing sources, enabling the company to use its assets t increase its interest income. The environment in which Palm operates has become increasingly competitive since the days of its inception. A supposed 'great idea' from the current CEO may not be the panacea envisioned when first conjured.


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