Organizational Diagnosis and Recommendations Imagine Research Paper

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For example, when Jared discusses an issue he has on not knowing what calls he has available, and then later finding out that they are no longer on his queue, of course he is going to question those who are above him. The culture, specifically those in management, was open to his suggestions, but they ended up telling him what it is he needed to do. This indicates that people do care about the employee, but they do leave it up to the individual to make the best choice possible (Mattke, 2011). Furthermore, the organization has its monthly parties, such as birthdays. They also recognize their hard workers by giving them more work. All of the employees love this, and are willing to take that risk on getting their business out there as well as representing Syntechs (Syntechs, 2011).

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One needs to discuss what needs recommended in make this organization better. First of all, they need to consider using the bottom-up approach instead of the top-down when telling their employees what to do. This will make a difference on who will stay with the company and who will not. Management are the individuals that help it to run smoothly; however, the individuals that do the hard work should have more of a say in the business on what needs fixed. When this occurs, people feel empowered, and as a result, the firm will become transformational to those they impact on a regular basis. People will not only want to change, but so will management. Any business that is revolved around technology has to stop using "old school" methods, and start finding ways in which to help others feel good about their job. The benefits far outweigh the risks because individuals will want to stay with the firm indefinite or a longer period of time.

Research Paper on Organizational Diagnosis and Recommendations Imagine Assignment

Another area worth mentioning is that of rewards. Not enough of this is taking place within the business itself. Employees do not have enough consistent work within and outside of the company; therefore, this makes it crucial for them to actually find ways to make their culture better. For example, the firm can give the individuals a raise or a bonus on their next pay check, and possibly consider finding ways in which to give employees a promotion. This may require a move, but they can help with the costs associated with this.

Here are some instances in which Syntechs can reward their employees. They can have a monthly raffle. Anyone who wins the raffle could get an extravagant prize, such as an iPod, flat screen television and so forth. Employees will want to go to work regularly, and wil have an incentive for doing their job well. Also, anyone who has a perfect attendance record for their first three months of work is granted a five day weekend without having to do any work. This will encourage good work behavior as well as have individuals strive their hardest to get there on time in good health in hopes to win something. Through this, people will work harder than ever and will want to contribute in any way possible by telling others of how great their position is with Syntechs.

Many of those in management need to consider taking business administration classes. This will prevent having the employee frustrated when trying to understand if he or she does not have enough calls for that week or month to take care of customers. Additionally, they will not tell their employees that they do not need a helper when it comes to working with a television that 45 inches or more. In reality, one will learn that this should not occur because of major safety issues. If management took courses with this particular arena, then they would not have issues with employees who complain saying that this could cause more harm than good, especially if he or she gets hurt while on the job.

The last area worth mentioning is that of having the company takes leadership classes. Each person should learn ways in which to become better leaders. Obviously, some can manage, but each individual will do an excellent job more so by learning more about themselves, so that they can help others effectively. For example, he or she will not sit back and watch others mess up, instead he or she will actually take the time to get to know his or her own employees by working alongside them by doing actual service calls in their area. This makes the employee feel empowered, and the manager who did this becomes empowered through this process. He or she gets the opportunity to know others better in order to meet the needs of the community and their workers in an efficient manner.

The organizational development theory/model that was used is transactional leadership. My specific strategies pertain to this theory in a number of ways. The rewards and punishments aspect were mentioned as well as telling employees what to do as well as leaving it up to them to correct the problem.

In regards to systems thinking, one needs to consider what is used with Syntechs. According to Aronson (2011), this is an important concept to grasp because it helps an individual to understand the entire representation of what is going on within an organization. The areas that need monitored are worth mentioning. Syntechs uses an "integrative system" (System-Thinking, 2011). For example, the "individuals ban together to accomplish some common desired goal" (System-Thinking, 2011). This is true of Syntechs because the goal is to have cost-effective services that deal with technology for the consumer who needs a computer, printer or television fixed (Syntechs, 2011). Furthermore, teamwork is used when it comes to having "where you and I do something together because of what we both want to accomplish" (System-Thinking, 2011). Jared Mattke (2011) does this when he has a helper to assist in the televisions that are 40 inches or more for safety. Regardless, each person strives to have a motivation to create something, which is the greatest of all. An instance is the development of a business, such as what Jared Mattke is attempting to get going with his own computer-based business (2011). All of these are areas in which the company has to pay special attention to because they will see what needs in order to become transformational leaders in the future.

Syntechs is located in the heart of Florida and has many areas that are worth considering. Management has to consider taking business and leadership classes in order to do their job in a more effective manner. This means abandoning transactional leadership and striving for transformational leadership. Eventually, other companies will catch on to this concept that are technology based and want to adapt because they will see how much of a difference it is making the community and consumers that are served on a regular basis. When all of it is done regularly, Syntechs will grow internally and externally which makes it worth it.


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