Organizational Human Resources Awards Program Essay

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(Work-A-Life Rewards Program, 2011)

III. Work-A-Life Organizational Rewards Inventory

The Work-A-Life Organizational Rewards Program Inventory is reported to include programs that provide recognition through:

(1) service awards;

(2) retirement awards;

(3) peer recognition awards;

(4) spot awards;

(5) managerial recognition programs

(6) organizational-wide recognition programs;

(7) exceeding performance awards;

(8) employee of the month year awards;

(9) appreciation luncheons, outing, and formal events;

(10) goal-specific awards including those for quality, efficiency, cost-savings, productivity and safety; and (11) employee suggestion programs. (Work-A-Life Rewards Program, 2011)

IV. The Star Model

The work of Schuster and Kesler (nd) presents the "Star Model" of the organizational employee awards program shown in the following illustration labeled Figure 1.

Figure 1

Star Model

Source: Schuster and Kesler (nd)

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The star models presents a strategy that examines the organizational: (1) capabilities; (2) people practices; (3) structure; (4) process and (5) metrics awards. The questions that are posed in the development of this organizational rewards program model include those related to what talent the organization needs and what HR practices and routines are critical to the organizational capabilities. Also addressed is how the organization will grow and compete in the markets and how decisions are made as well as the management processes that need to be defined. It is reported that the wrong incentives will only serve to "make matters worse than no incentives at all." (Schuster and Kesler, nd) It is reported that the primary elements of rewards systems design are: (1) base pay; (2) variable compensation; (3) fringe benefits; and (4) compensation governance including performance management. The issues that must be addressed in compensation philosophy and objectives are reported to include:

Essay on Organizational Human Resources Awards Program Assignment

(1) Should compensation be a driver or a reinforcer of behavior?

(2) Where does the firm wish to position itself in the labor market (at what percentile)?

(3) What portion of total rewards will be distributed in cash, equity and social benefit programs?

(3) How much leverage should variable rewards have (how much pay should be at risk at different levels of the organization)?

(4) Where and how will compensation design and delivery be governed? (Schuster and Kesler, nd)

The 'Five-Milestone' Design Process with Rewards System Design Questions are set out in the following illustration labeled Figure 2.

Figure 2

The Five-Milestone Design Process (with rewards system design questions)

Source: Schuster and Kesler (nd)

As shown in the illustration the capabilities include: (1) business care and discovery; (2) strategic grouping; (3) integration; (4) talent and leadership; and (5) transition. (Schuster and Kesler, nd) The operating governance model sets out five milestones including the first of being clear on the problem seeking a solution and secondly making a basic structure choice supporting the strategy. Stated third is the tying together of the pieces and design of points that link across the boundaries followed by the fourth of staffing the critical roles so that the work can be carried out and future talent built for the future of the organization. Stated fifth is preparation to measure the rewards and to learn and adjust from those measures. (Schuster and Kesler, nd, paraphrased)

Summary and Conclusion

The organizational rewards program is not static but is a changing and expanding program based on the desires of employees, the needs of employers and the accomplishments of the employees enabled by the organization.


Guide to Motivating Employees (nd) University of Boulder Colorado, Department of Human Resources. Retrieved from:

Schusteer, M. And Kisler, G. (nd) Aligning Rewards… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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