Organizational Leadership Who Moved My Cheese? Spencer Essay

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Organizational Leadership

Who Moved My Cheese?

Spencer Johnson's clever book delves into the issues surrounding organizational change, and the difficulties that people and groups struggle with as change becomes necessary for a company to make progress. Clearly Johnson has a good handle on the issues. Through his characters (Sniff and Scurry are mice; Hem and Haw are little people) he creates a scenario that the average reader can relate to; change can be scary, and people are very often resistant to change in their organizations.

There are several meaningful messages from the book. One important message is that individuals must be reassured enough by management to believe that they will gain something from change. No one wants the kind of change that takes away from his or her comfort zone. In this book cheese is actually a metaphor for happiness, so when flexible employees find their work environment has changed, they seek to find the cheese. Another message in this book is that some characters (Sniff and Scurry) easily find cheese / happiness, even if there are changes and the cheese isn't in the same place. Other characters (Hem and Haw) become agitated and totally confused when their cheese isn't where it always was before. The message is, be flexible, have faith in the organization, and adjust to whatever changes occur.

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What I take away from this book is that since organizations are rarely static, to keep market share and profitability, adjustments must be made; employees, with good leadership, are perfectly capable of making modifications -- and finding happiness at the same time. My project with organizational leadership can take clues and themes from this book. Good communication within the organization -- resulting from strong leadership by managers -- can help make organizational adjustments and changes run smoothly and efficiently.

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