Organizational Management the Business Management Classes Term Paper

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Organizational Management

The business management classes I have found most relevant are:

Introduction to Business Management -- This class gave me a solid understanding and overview of all of the important business management theories I need to understand. It also helped me develop a foundation of theory and understanding as far as all management practices are concerned. I feel that it has allowed me to develop the necessary organizational skills. Thus, it helped pave the way for a successful understanding of Organizational Management.

Introduction to Organizational Management -- This class provided specifics in organizational management, which has given me a solid understanding of what to expect in my future business practices. The general overview was basic, but I still feel that a solid foundation is important for overall business success. Thus, the concepts I felt were most beneficial were the definitive concepts presented in class, which will help me out with goal setting and overall success (Antioch University, 2011). Therefore, I gained an excellent overall understanding of the concepts behind organizational management, and this foundation helped me to grasp most of what was presented in the following classes.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Organizational Management the Business Management Classes I Assignment

3. Knowledge and Leadership in Management. I learned about various leadership theories in this class, and how leadership is important in management. Several leadership theories were discussed, and I learned how to be a pro-active and encouraging manager. I feel better about how I will go about treating my employees, and I am certain I can both encourage and motivate them. Knowing how to lead a team and how to perform within a team is very important to overall business success, and personal success. Thus, I feel better prepared to work within a team, and to understand team dynamics and issues like groupthink, as well as basic motivating factors. Psychology is also an important part of business management, and I was able to get a nice,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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