Organizational Performance Management Emergency Medical Essay

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Leadership would be charged with information analysis, process development, human resource development, and strategic planning. To properly gauge an organization's performance, leaders will have to collect data that they will use in making strategic decisions. The leaders will then have to ensure that their employees are well informed in regards to what the data actually means, and advise the employees on how to interpret the results. The goal for this process is maximizing patient care.

When the employees are involved in the processes that are currently taking place within the organization, it would allow for an easy buy-in by the employees. This is because they will readily understand and accept the changes been proposed. As they understand what the organization is intending to achieve, it would be quire easier for the employees to follow their leaders. Proper understanding of regulations and accreditations would also ensure that employees avoid some mistakes that could cost the hospital dearly. The regulations should be shortened, and employees provided with handbooks that they can carry for referencing when they are faced with any dilemma. The regulations can also be placed strategically on walls for the employees to read when they pass by the hall ways.

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The organization should also develop a model that encourages employee collaboration. Having a model that encourages employee input would ensure that the employees participate actively in the leadership of the organization. Data collected from the various systems should be analyzed by teams that comprise of managers and employees. There should be regular meeting where the attendees can learn about what the others have succeeded in or failed. This sharing of information will allow for a participative leadership. Good communication will also ensure that the employees and leaders understand each other. There should be open communication so that employees do not feel intimated to speak. Intimidation would result in less communication, which would not benefit the organization.


Essay on Organizational Performance Management Emergency Medical Assignment

An organization's performance is based mainly on quality of service provided. When the service provided is good the organization's rating will increase, which would result in good quality management and risk management. Failure to manage the quality of services provided would not only result in bad risk management, but can also lead to penalties and fines been imposed on the organization. In worse cases, the hospital can also be sued by a patient for failure to provide quality care. Therefore, if an organization intends to manage its performance it is vital that it also addresses quality and risk management. This is because risk and quality management are directly related to performance management. The systems that the organization will be using for performance management should also be compliant with state and federal regulations. This will ensure that the organization manages its regulation well and within the confines specified.


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