Organizational Personality Citizen's Hospital Essay

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The organization is in serious need of psychological and physical design change to enhance productivity and worker emotions. In the hiring process, the human resource management should consider aspect of mental and physical abilities of applicants. Personality, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence should also be considered to determine good fits between employees and the organization.

Where there will always be issues with satisfaction, performance, rewards, and motivation, the psychological aspect should consider how to best meet patient needs with a uniform team approach with safety for all in mind. Where the organization has high expectations on patient safety, employee safety should also contain high expectations. The safety first should consider all stakeholders, including employees and visitors, not just patients.

The organization should design a commitment to workplace safety in the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and supervisors. Safety policies already in place should be enforced with zero tolerance. And organizational commitment could shape attitudes where all employees, including supervisors demand and respect workplace safety.

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With an organizational commitment the climate will change from democratic to autocratic and be highly structured. Employees will understand and value the commitment to follow procedures with safety first at all times, not only for themselves, but fellow workers as well. The autocratic climate will show a commitment from top management that flows down through the entire organization.

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TOPIC: Essay on Organizational Personality Citizen's Hospital Is Assignment

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