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[. . .] Organizational has now become a scientific discipline in its own right and is recognized as an invaluable tool within organizations.

Factors giving more credence to the discipline of Organizational Psychology in the 1980's and the 1990's were multiple (Christine, 2011). The 'economy was becoming increasingly globalized' (Christine, 2011). The 'demographics within the workforce were changing' (Christine, 2011). Temporary employees and contract employees were being utilized more frequently (Christine, 2011). Essentially, because of increasing awareness of the workforce and management the term "job" took on a new conception (Christine, 2011).

While Organizational Psychology was developing, so were other related disciplines such as Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology (Koppes and Pickren, No Date). Organizational Behavior is concerned with a number of factors, but what differentiates it from Organizational Psychology is that it is concerned with the structure and strategies of the organization itself (Jex, 2002). Social Psychology is obviously a related discipline but differs in that it does not limit its focus to individual behavior within organizations (Koppes and Pickren, No date). Thus, though many fields share commonalities with Organizational Psychology, they have variations which make them distinguishable.

An extremely important aspect of Organizational Psychology is its application of the scientific method in studying organizations (Jex, 2002) . In fact, research and statistics are so important to this field that some would argue that they should be a subset of the discipline itself (Jex, 2002). Without quantifiable research methods and results, this discipline would not exist and it is impossible to apply Organizational Psychology without a thorough understanding of statistics and scientific research methodology (Jex, 2002).

As Christine documented, the evolution of Organizational Psychology was steered by the cultural and industrial changes which occurred over a relatively short time span (Christine, 2011). However, one must also consider that there were numerous advances prior to the twentieth century which also contributed to its rise as a respected and necessary discipline (Koppes and Pickren, No date). It was this combination of knowledge which allowed for significant advances in this field (Koppes and Pickren, No date). These advances, as well as the significant changes in the twentieth century, led to the modern conception of Organizational Psychology which enhances the efficiency within organizations and therefore benefits all effected by those organizations, be they business organizations or non-business related organizations (Koppes and Pickren, No date).


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