Organizational Quality Improvement Plan Research Paper

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Quality Improvement

Implementing a Quality Improvement Plan at the University of Kansas Center for Advanced Heart Care

In order to improve the quality of patient care and specifically to eliminate/reduce errors in the provision of care, the FOCUS PDCA quality improvement plan is recommended for the university of Kansas Center for Advanced Heart Care. This plan involved finding a process that needs improvement, organizing a team familiar with the process, clarifying current knowledge regarding the process, understanding the variables involved, and selecting the process improvement plan to be implemented. This essentially covers the planning phase of this quality improvement method; implementing the plan (or "doing"), checking the results, and acting in accordance with these results completes the plan cycle. In the specific case at hand, this method will be applied broadly to all processes within the medical facility, with specific attention devoted to the technological processes involved in patient care.


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The Center for Advanced Heart Care at the University of Kansas provides a comprehensive list of services involving medical treatment for various heart conditions, from diagnostics to corrective surgeries and everything in between (University of Kansas Hospital 2009). The mission of the Center is simply to provide the greatest possible quality of care to their patients, with patient safety the primary objective in this mission. In all of the services the Center provides and at each step in the process, the Center's personnel must ensure that their actions promote this safety.

Goals and Objectives

TOPIC: Research Paper on Organizational Quality Improvement Plan Assignment

While patient safety remains the primary and overriding goal for all actions taken and decisions made by personnel at the Center, other goals also contribute to the overall mission of providing the highest possible quality of care to their patients. Quality of care is dependent on the knowledge and ongoing learning of all personnel involved in making care decisions, and to the accuracy of patient information communicated between various departments and personnel within the Center and the larger medical community. Cost efficiency is also a major concern for many patients, meaning that the provision of timely and efficient care is also essential to meeting the primary mission of the Center. Essentially, the goals contributing to successful mission accomplishment include the safety of the patient, comprehensive and current knowledge of heart-related medicine and of patient-specific information, and cost efficiency.


The quality improvement plan will be applied to all departments and processes within the Center, but specific attention will be paid to databases in which patient information is stored, patient monitoring activities, and the prescribing and administering of pharmaceuticals. This last area of concern has been identified as an increasing problem posing great risk for patient injury ( 2010). All of these areas are vital to providing safe, effective, and efficient care to patients, and thus contribute significantly to the overall quality of care provided by the Center for Advanced Heart Care and its personnel.

Data Collection Tools and Methodology

The primary data collection tool that will be utilized in the implementation of the quality improvement plan will be the Simple Data Collection Planning or IHI tool, while analysis will be conducted using Cause and Effect Diagrams and Plan-Do-Study-Act worksheets, as have been recommended for use in the medical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Organizational Quality Improvement Research Paper

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